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Reduce Risks Associated with COVID Using Bar Maid’s Fly-Bye Drain Trap Seal

August 26, 2020 | No Comments »

Bar Maid’s Fly-Bye Drain Trap Seal provides a solution to a critical COVID health risk in foodservice operations.  As you implement thorough cleaning procedures and risk prevention initiatives in your operation, be sure to check your drains.   There are two apparent things that give everybody the impression of “not sanitary.” They are foul odors and bugs, both of which are often found in floor drains. Bacteria and viruses can also be found in floor drains and while they may not be visible, are hazards to be addressed after corona-virus.

The World Health Organization found that floor drains were a conduit for aerosolized virus to travel between apartment units and contributed to a super-spreading event of SARS-CoV infection in 2003.

SARS-CoV-2 has been detected in some patients diagnosed with COVID-19. After a February 2020 investigation into a similar spreading event of this coronavirus between residents living in a Hong Kong high-rise, health officials suspect malfunction of the interconnected plumbing system allowed the corona-virus to spread between apartment units.

Bar Maid’s FLY-BYE Drain Trap Seal is cost-effective, and with four sizes available the product is easily installed in virtually any floor drain. Multiple approvals and certifications, including HACCP, make it a great control measure for addressing hazards from floor drains.

Digital Lincoln Countertop Impinger

August 24, 2020 | No Comments »

Are you need of space in your restaurant kitchen? Save valuable space with the Lincoln Countertop Impinger (CTI) oven that is small enough to put on most commercial countertops, without sacrificing performance. It is large enough to replace half-sized convection ovens, or up to five microwave ovens!

Lincoln CTI’s utilize a 16″ (406mm) wide conveyor belt and 20″ (508mm) baking chamber; and can be stacked two high. They are available in 208v and 240v. Lincoln Countertop Impingers are also available in quiet/slower bake models.

The Digital CTI (2500 series) is a new model that adds a catalytic converter and is UL Category KNLZ Listed for ventless installations, saving money and time during installation. Because no venting hood is required, operators have more flexibil

METRO Has You Covered from the Kitchen to Delivery

August 17, 2020 | No Comments »

METRO knows that having everything in its place is a key to efficient food prep, delivery, and service.  With all of the new requirements dictating a different way to prepare and serve food, while following all of the guidelines for social distancing and safe food delivery, several new products had to be added to foodservice operations.  So, the questions come down to… Do you have a place for everything? Do you have solutions for social distancing in the kitchen while prepping food? Do you have an efficient and safe way to deliver and distribute meals on-site and off-premises?

METRO has a full line of innovative solutions that can be creatively mixed and matched to accomplish your goals, maximize space, and exceed the requirements of today’s new normal. Shelving units that can be customized to store insulated food delivery boxes, carts, and additional kitchen tools needed. Mobile prep solutions that can be moved to accommodate social distancing while containing everything needed in one place. Opportunities to combine shelving units with insulated boxes for effective food delivery pick-up locations.

Let’s first look at the kitchen then move to food delivery and service.

Metro came up with three-sided shelving frames to accommodate food transport items needed and to create more efficient storage of all the tools you need. Create a system that works best for you by including baskets, vertical dividers, and label inserts. If needed, add a roll under can rack unit.

How about adding more storage solutions above Metro SMSPM2436 SmartWall/Super Erecta Prep Stations?

All in one prep stations can double your storage space, keep everyone at a better distance, and minimize direct contact between foodservice professionals. The easy-mount wall track makes set-up a snap. The wall unit holds up to 250 lbs. and include everything you need to set it up.  Add Mightylite Boxes to these carts and a few accessories and it doubles as a mobile serving station.

Let’s not forget about Metro’s PrepMate Multistation

This is a fantastic unit for food prep and perfect for these times when distance and flexibility are paramount. It’s designed to create space, improve productivity, and provide a more comfortable and streamlined workflow. When prep is finished, the PrepMate can be adjusted to fit directly under counters or tables to limit the amount of space it takes up in the kitchen.

METRO Insulated Food Cabinets

Keep your orders hot and ready. These cabinets come in a variety of sizes and door configurations to meet your exact needs. For example, the clear Dutch doors allow you to see what’s inside the cabinet without having to open the doors. They feature a cool-to-touch design and provide energy efficiency at a lower initial investment. The durable polymer Insulation Armour insulates the cabinet and is dent, impact, and stain resistant. Built-in hand holds and full-body bumper protection make it easy to handle when used in mobile applications.

Structural Concepts Grab & Go Merchandisers

August 10, 2020 | No Comments »

Structural Concepts line of under-counter grab & go refrigerated merchandisers will give a lot more style and efficient use of space than a galvanized washtub that merely provides the merchandise. The under-counter merchandiser will turn unused area underneath a cash register into a beautiful and valuable grab & go spot that customers can get their last second purchases.

The units come in a variety of lengths from 36-72 inches, feature LED top lighting, and use a Breeze-E (Type II) with EnergyWise refrigeration system. Accessories include a non-locking magnetic night curtain, or a locking solid aluminum security cover. The under-counter units are 32.75” tall and 32-3/8” deep. The display area is about 23 inches deep with a black or stainless steel rear wall and mirrored side walls for added visual dimension.

Whether you’re trying to maximize limited retail space, offer the convenience of additional grab & go offerings, or simply capitalize on point of sale merchandising, the Structural Concepts under-counter grab & go refrigerated merchandisers are a great solution to maximize unused space.


  • Breeze-E (Type II) with EnergyWise Refrigeration System (rear access)
  • One piece formed ABS plastic tub
  • Blue Fin coated coil
  • Flat front panel
  • LED top light (3500K)
  • Black lower toe kick
  • Casters non-locking with levelers
  • Flip down solid rear door option available
  • 6′ power cord
  • Integrated average product temperature of 40°F or less
  • 1 year parts and labor; 5 year compressor warranty
  • Included in the Express 3 program (-UC models)

The Ice-O-Matic Elevation Series

August 5, 2020 | No Comments »

Ice-O-Matic’s Elevation Series is 20% more efficient than standard models, and designed with BPA-free plastic and recyclable parts! With its dual exhaust, the Elevation Series can be installed numerous ways. With an exclusive design that discharges hot air from both the side and the top, tight spaces are no longer an issue where the otherwise would be.

Installation is a breeze with the plug and play design that uses the Universal Smart Harness control that makes it easy to service and simplifies installation. Mission-critical indicators inform operators ahead of any potential problems.

Clean up is just as simple! One touch descaling and sanitizing keep the Elevation Series in peak performance and safety, and lets operators know when cleaning is required.


ONE TOUCH CLEANING- One touch to sanitize, one touch to de-lime. LEDs signal when cleaning is required.

FOOD ZONE- Sanitation has never been easier. Unique plastic food zone parts snap in and out and are dishwasher safe.

DUAL EXHAUST- Groundbreaking technology allows hot-air discharge from the side or the top of every unit.

WATER DISTRIBUTION TUBE- No bottle brushes required. Easily removed and disassembled for cleaning. Dishwasher safe.

Generate More Positive Reviews for Your Restaurant

August 3, 2020 | No Comments »

The number of positive reviews your foodservice operation receives will significantly impact your bottom line. A study conducted by Trip Advisor found that online reviews influence 94% of US diners.

When is the last time you checked sites like Yelp, Google, Open Table, and social media to read the feedback guests have left about your restaurant? These days, even one negative review can deter someone from choosing to eat at your establishment.

So how do you earn more positive reviews? Here are a few ways to ask for positive reviews:

  • Place QR codes on to-go containers so that guests can scan and leave a review.
  • Hand out takeaway cards asking for reviews on the sites you’re listed on. Encourage people to leave the card (with their name and email address written down) in a bowl on the way out once they’ve completed the reviews. Once a month, draw one card from that month’s collection to win a free appetizer or dessert (incentivizing the review process can make a big difference!).
  • If you hand out mints, wet-wipes, or other small items after guests have finished their meals, consider printing review reminders on the packaging.
  • Set up a review station near the entrance, encouraging guests to leave a review before they leave. Designate a tablet for this purpose and place clear signage around it. Remind your staff to point it out before guests leave their tables.

When you commit to exceeding expectations and building relationships with your customers, while also focusing on ways to ask for positive reviews tactfully, you will see an uptick in the amount of great feedback being left on your restaurant profiles.

The Cooper-Atkins Kwikswitch

July 27, 2020 | No Comments »

Cooper-Atkins continues to be at the forefront of innovative food safety tools with the introduction of the KwikSwitch Folding Thermocouple Kit.

The KwikSwitch is a folding thermocouple instrument featuring a replaceable probe while maintaining a total system accuracy of ±1°F (±0.5°C). Business hours can be busy, so it takes only one second to get a reading that is +/- 1°F. This easy-to-use device turns on and off by simply flipping the probe open and closed. It includes a 1000 hour battery with automatic shut-off after 10 minutes of no use. From receiving to plating, your KwikSwitch can utilize any “Type K” probe, simply switch it out as needed. To add even more versatility, they made it compatible with induction cooking equipment. This tool will become an operator’s best friend with the large, easy to read LCD screen with a back-lit display for low light settings and a temperature range of -40 to 500°F.

The KwikSwitch is fast, accurate, versatile, NSF certified, IPX7 waterproof rated, made of durable ABS plastic, and built with Cooper-Atkins quality.

The Benefits of Blast Chilling, Shock Freezing, and American Panel’s HurriChill

July 20, 2020 | No Comments »

American Panel, experts for more than 50 years, can provide everything you need to know about blast chilling and shock freezing. Here are some benefits you can expect to receive when using blast chilling and shock freezing in your establishment:

Food Safety: When it comes to food safety, minimizing time spent in the danger zone (140˚F to 40˚F) is key. To limit the danger of bacterial contamination in food, it is extremely important to lower its temperature rapidly. Micro-organisms work fast, especially at temperatures between 140˚F and 40˚F.

Food Quality: When food is slowly chilled, cells are damaged. This process has a negative effect on taste, aroma, overall appeal, and customer satisfaction. Blast chilling and shock freezing captures the flavor and food quality and minimizes the breakdown.

Wider Menu: Blast chilling and shock freezing allows restaurants to provide a more varied menu of delicious, fresh-tasting choices! With a HurriChill blast chiller/shock freezer, chefs can complete semi-finished dishes in record time.

Save Valuable Time: Blast chilling and shock freezing allows menu items to be prepared faster and ahead of time. Schedules are easier to maintain and significant time is saved throughout the week as meals are prepared and served.

Improve/Extend Shelf Life: This is a big factor. Increase shelf life up to five days with your HurriChill blast chiller. If long term storage is required, shock freezing prolongs shelf life for several months. We will talk about the difference between blast chilling and shock freezing later in this article.

Less Waste: Discarded leftovers can become a thing of the past. Blast chilling or shock freezing allows operators to plan and use leftover food products efficiently.

Less Product Shrinkage: Weigh this HurriChill advantage: the rapid speed of blast chilling protects moisture in the food from evaporation up to 15%. This is significant when you look at the high cost of food today.

Saves Labor: Chefs can now produce seven days’ worth of food in just three or four days. Think about the huge benefits and cost savings that brings your operation.

Smarter Food Purchasing: Think of the money that could be saved by buying in bulk at lower prices without the risk factors that come with buying food in bulk. When you introduce blast chilling and shock freezing into the food prep process, seasonal items become more accessible–and you’ll avoid the risk of running out of popular menu items during peak periods.

Your Bottom Line: Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, reduce costs, increase profits, and more.

The Vulcan VSX Series Commercial Gas Countertop Food Steamer Oven

July 15, 2020 | No Comments »

Best suited for operations that prefer to run on national gas or propane, the Vulcan VSX gas countertop steamer features electronic controls and ready / cook lights.  An ignition light also informs the operator that the steam generator has filled, the gas burner has ignited and that the steam generator is heating.  The 45,000 BTU/hr. steamer also includes 4″ legs for countertop operation.


  • A la carte steamer with stainless steel exterior and cooking compartment with coved interior corners
  • Controls include 60-minute timer, buzzer, cook/ready light and power switch for easy operation of this food steamer
  • Heavy gauge stainless steel door
  • Convenient deliming port
  • Split water line connection
  • 4″ legs

Continental Refrigerator Gives Operators Flexible Solutions

July 13, 2020 | No Comments »

Restaurants facing the challenges of the COVID virus are often needing product flexibility within their foodservice operation.

Continental Refrigerator has always been about product flexibility. Their refrigeration equipment is built with flexible components and options that can easily be changed in the field. Continental is working hard to engineer their units for safer, cleaner kitchen environments. They have added new options that allow the surfaces of refrigeration equipment to be more sanitary.

One of the many sanitation solutions Continental offers is the SANIGUARD antimicrobial coated handles. SANIGUARD antimicrobial product protection utilizes a patented, inorganic silver-ion technology to inhibit the growth of non-public health bacteria, odor-causing molds and mildews, staining, and product deterioration. This is a great solution to keep handles cleaner and fresher between routine cleanings.

Continental Refrigerator also offers the option of foot treadles for upright refrigeration units. Foot treadles are being attached to the bottom of upright refrigeration units to allow the foodservice operators to use their foot, rather than their hands, to open the door. This keeps dirty hands off of handles and reduces the risk of spread from high-touch surfaces.

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