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American Metalcraft Serving Peels Can Upgrade Your Presentation

September 20, 2018 | No Comments »

In order to provide a complete, successful dining experience for guests, it is essential to place food presentation towards the top of importance. Serving delicious food on an equally beautiful plate can not only impress the guest, they can share it with their friends and family on social media channels.

Our friends at American Metalcraft have designed a beautiful concept in food presentation with their Serving Peels. They are available in a variety of styles to suit their own unique personality.

  • The Faux Slate Round Peels with their distinctive look, are manufactured from nearly indestructible melamine for long-lasting reliability in everyday performance.
  • The Olive Wood/Marble Serving Peels feature rich patterns, earthy looks and unique handle designs. From charcuterie to single serving sandwiches, there’s a size for every need.
  • The Porcelain Serving Peels dress up the table with an extra touch of class.

With so many serving styles, there’s sure to be something here for you!

The Glycol Prep Table from Traulsen

September 18, 2018 | No Comments »

Designed to perform in the most demanding of kitchens, the Traulsen Glycol Prep Table gives operators the peace of mind that food will be kept safe.

Keeping food in the safe zone must be a priority to maintain a safe food environment. This prep table has a continual flow of glycol that is dispersed through aluminum bars to help achieve this goal. Even in the hottest of kitchen environments with the lid off, food will maintain consistent temperatures for 24 hours! This technology eliminates temperature inconsistencies that lead to frost buildup, and defrost cycles.


  • Exceeds NSF requirements by maintaining food at or below 39° using *specified 6” deep pans.
  • No frost. No defrost. No fans.
  • Evaporator coils are recessed to allow superior refrigeration flow for stored pans.

Blodgett’s Baking & Roasting Deck Ovens

September 17, 2018 | No Comments »

Perfect for any application that requires gentle baking and all-purpose roasting, Blodgett’s Baking & Roasting Deck Ovens allow for customization, and can be independently operated with different temperatures!

Because the large 900 Series gas deck ovens come in four basic sections, and have the same 60” x 40” size, they can be stacked in a variety of combinations. Baking at separate temperatures is easily obtained by having separate heat controls for each section. This design gives the operator peak versatility, efficiency, and economy!

Basic Four Models:

  • 951 – one 12″ high baking compartment
  • 961 – one 7″ high baking compartment
  • 966 – one 16-1/4″ high baking compartment
  • 981 (pictured) – two 7″ high baking compartments

Panasonic’s Sonic Steamer

September 12, 2018 | No Comments »

Very popular for food trucks, catering services, and mobile kitchens, Panasonic’s Sonic Steamer has been dubbed the “recipe for happiness” by food service operators. It saves energy, doesn’t require a hood, plumbing, waterline or reservoir, making it very mobile and very efficient!

But what about performance? Delivering 3200 watts, this steamer delivers accurate heat and the product cooked just like intended. And regardless of it being on the road or in the kitchen, this steamer works fast! We’re talking 1300 hot dogs in one hour, 64 lbs. of potatoes in one hour, and 65 lobsters in an hour. That some serious speed that can turn serious profits quickly!

Duke Manufacturing Foodshields

September 10, 2018 | No Comments »

With Duke Foodshields, you can expect to still show off your food product without it getting in the way. Built with tempered durable glass, sturdy steel frame, and minimalist details, Duke Foodshields are a clear choice for your restaurant!

Choose from 4 different varieties offered by Duke Manufacturing:

  • BG Series. The signature line from Duke, the BG Series is designed for high-impact, and are made-to-order. Features a stainless steel finish, field-mounted, and they are polished to remove all seams. (pictured)
  • 400 Series. Save money without the cost of custom work by going with the 400 Series. With a sleek, high-end appeal, and cutting edge design, the 400 Series uses less frame and more glass. Durable construction will ensure a lasting investment.
  • 500 Series. Offering a stylish, sleek and high-end appeal, this mid-grade tier also uses less frame with more glass. Designed with leading design needs in form and function.
  • 8/900 Series. When a project calls for critical functions and value, choose the 8/900 Series. Built to last with all the functionality you would expect from a quality Duke product.

The New Navigator Sensor Faucets from Fisher

September 6, 2018 | No Comments »

With Fisher’s new Navigator Sensor Faucets, you could conserve almost a gallon of water for every effective hand wash. In a restaurant, saving a gallon of water for every hand wash can equate to huge savings on your bottom line! Washing your hands without touching faucet handles also can help reduce disease and illnesses. Fisher cares about providing solutions to benefit employees, customers, and your business.

The Navigator Sensor Faucets kit includes a faucet, control unit, supply lines, AC adapter and mixing valve. These innovative systems are available as a wall mount or a deck mount unit. They have a built-in filter to ensure particle-free water, adjustable shut-off delay to reduce water waste, and mechanical mixing valve to prevent scalding.

See the video below to see what sets Fisher apart!

Duke’s Multi-Use Holding Cabinets

September 4, 2018 | No Comments »

Keeping food hot and ready to serve is a sometimes challenging process that if mismanaged, can result in waste, bad tasting food, and dissatisfied guests. Duke’s Multi-Use Holding Cabinets meet and exceed the expectations of restaurant owners by reducing waste, and keep food tasting great!

One of the ways Duke’s Holding Cabinets keeps food tasting great is through passive venting. This provides a non-mechanically controlled form of adjusting heat profiles in the space. It allows hot, stale, moist air to escape without influencing the food. Another feature of these holding cabinets is that the heat is transferred through conduction. Heat is transferred directly to the pan and then to the food!

Features of the Duke’s Multi-use Holding Cabinets:

  • Eliminates water from the holding process
  • Easy to clean
  • Individual compartments controlled independently
  • Different configurations available to meet your space, menu mix and through-put needs
  • Holds full size sheet pans and 4″ deep steam table pans
  • Heat sink successfully implemented in over 35,000 restaurants worldwide
  • Heats food product from 3 sides
  • Lid system available to manage humidity
  • Innovative timer bars facilitate individual compartment management
  • Intuitive web programming feature enables simple reprogramming via USB drive
  • Proven to effectively hold baked and moisture sensitive products
  • No flavor transfer
  • Extends hold times reducing waste

The Jackson RackStar 44 Conveyor Dishmachine

August 30, 2018 | No Comments »

If you could combine performance and efficiency in a dishmachine, you’d get the Jackson RackStar 44 Conveyor Dishmachine!

This machine is equipped with best-in-class energy features:

  • Dual Rainbow Rinse Arms – a one-pass cleaning performance and superior rinse action.
  • Standard Econo Rinse – An adjustable rinse feature that allows operators to run a cycle using only .35 gallons per rack.
  • Turbo Rinse – uses 0.7 gallons per rack for heavier soiled loads.

In addition to these energy cost savings, this machine performs! At 223 racks per hour, Jackson has made it easier and faster to make life easier for food service operators. Features like the dual pawl bar provide easy access to scrap baskets and better balance to the rack. Hinged doors provide access into the wash chamber for easy cleaning and maintenance. Digital LED controls feature a display that communicates temperature, status, and cycle selection.

For cleaning and maintenance, the RackStar is specifically designed with self-cleaning wash arms with non-clogging nozzles, quiet, self-draining stainless steel wash pump, splash shields, and more!

Walco’s Maremma 18/0 Flatware Collection

August 28, 2018 | No Comments »

Named after a beautiful area in Southern Tuscany, the Maremma 18/0 Flatware Collection from Walco emblemizes the hilltop villages and vineyards that it was named after. Just take a look at the knives, which resemble the classic elegance of pinched bolsters!

The collection is made from heavy weight steel for an upscale dining feel, without sacrificing affordability! Durable and beautiful, the Maremma 18/0 Flatware Collection is flatware that your guests will be impressed by.

Bamboo Bakery Display Cases from Cal-Mil

August 26, 2018 | No Comments »

Available in both attendant serve or self-serve, these unique cases from Cal-Mil bring in the light! Made of a beautiful bamboo frame that is both durable and lightweight, the Bamboo Display Cases will surely add to the aesthetics of the bakery item it is presenting.

Durable acrylic double doors along with acrylic trays (21”W x 16.25”D x 22.5”H) that are eco-friendly will ensure that the case lasts and looks beautiful.

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