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CMA’s 181-VL High Temperature Undercounter Dishmachine

July 1, 2020 | No Comments »

Finding a temperature balance for a bartender’s dish machine usually has its tradeoffs. A dishmachine with too low of a temperature doesn’t reliably rinse away cosmetics, leaving glass with a stain that casts a doubt how clean the glass actually is. And while effective at cleaning, high-temperature dishmachines create too much water vapor and steam for front-of-the-house applications.

The solution? CMA’s 181-VL undercounter dishmachine! It is uses a single rack, and is front loading with a heat recovery system that reduces water vapor for bar applications. No more fogged up glassware, bottles and mirrors…and no more lipstick stains!

The 181-VL is Energy Star Approved for reduced energy costs. It uses only a cold water supply, but has an on board Safe-T-Temp booster heater for a consistent 180° final rinse. It has a three-minute cycle and can wash 600 glasses per hour. With a raised door for easy unloading, and an automatic fill function, it couldn’t be simpler for employees to operate.

Other features include the Soft Start. This feature gently ramps-up the water pressure at the beginning of each cycle so that delicate stemware and glasses aren’t knocked over or broken by an initial blast of wash water. This feature also reduces noise.

The 181-VL is also built to last! With 304 stainless steel construction, a 1.0 HP corrosion resistant pump, and stainless steel upper and lower wash arm. Cleaning the 181-VL is also easy, as it has a removable stainless steel pump protection screen.

Amana’s Commercial Xpress IQ ARX Ovens

June 30, 2020 | No Comments »

The faster, safer, and smarter Amana Commercial Xpress IQ ARX Ovens combine forced air, convection, and microwave to cook food fast and consistently! They don’t take up much space, and have no need for ventilation. It has more than 1200 programmable menu items through the customizable True-Touch HD touchscreen!

In an effort to keep hands and arms away from the hot surface, Amana dropped the inner door well below the cooking surface for safe removal from the cavity. Cleaning is easy too, with non-stick oven liners to help keep it maintained and efficient!

Check out the video below to see many more features this awesome oven provides:

The Carlisle TrimLine Waste Container Dolly

June 24, 2020 | No Comments »

Simply taking out the trash in a foodservice operation can prove to be difficult. These large and heavy trash receptacles often are emptied only at the end of the shift, and in some cases, once a day. You can imagine how heavy and awkward these trash receptacles can get!

To reduce the additional risk of employee strain and lifting injuries, Carlisle has a solution in the TrimLine Waste Container Dolly. This Dolly has a low center of gravity with a wide wheel base to do the heavy lifting for you. It helps eliminate tipping, and reduces accidents that can occur by slipping on slippery, greasy restaurant floors. The casters are high-quality and non-marking!

Delivering an Outdoor Experience with Crown Verity

June 22, 2020 | No Comments »

Model: CV-RCB-60-1RDP

To keep customers coming back to your restaurant, you need to not only deliver on food and service, but atmosphere too! The outdoors provide a great atmosphere that we always associate with special moments like family reunions, vacations, cookouts, festivals, celebrations, and picnics.

There are, however, many challenges that go along with providing a fulfilling experience for outdoor dining: ease of transportation, food safety, providing adequate customer amenities, and dealing with the outdoors elements just to name a few!

Crown Verity is an expert that reduces or eliminates those challenges to keep things comfortable for your guests, and making it easier than ever to locate your operation outdoors. From gas-powered grills to patio heaters to refrigeration units, Crown Verity can provide a reason for your guests to keep coming back! Whatever outdoor experience you want to deliver, Crown Verity will help you succeed and tap into one of the fastest growing trends in foodservice today.

Victorinox Epicurean Cutting Boards

June 18, 2020 | No Comments »

The Victorinox Epicurean Cutting Boards look like upscale wood boards without any of the negative aspects of wood cutting boards. They are dishwasher safe and are completely customizable. Although available in standard shapes and sizes, you can customize to any size or shape that works for you. You also have the option to imprint your logo or design on the boards, serving paddles and pizza servers.

Further, Victorinox provides custom puzzle cutting boards for sandwich and pizza tables. Quickly put the pieces together and you’re up and running. At the end of the day, pull it apart and throw the pieces in the dishwasher.

Vulcan’s Chip Warmer

June 16, 2020 | No Comments »

Summer is in full swing, and there aren’t too many better summer experiences than eating some warm, delicious chips and salsa in an outdoor dining environment. To compliment that experience, Vulcan’s first-in first out Chip Warmer to keep those chips warm and ready to eat.


Vulcan’s Chip Warmer is available in high-capacity top load styles with a quick and even heating of nacho and tortilla chips, and sets the standard in the industry.


  • Top-load first-in/first out nacho chip warmer
  • Internal baffle minimizes breakage of nacho/tortilla chips
  • 26 and 46-Gallon capacities
  • Clamp-on removable heating module
  • 1,500 watts for fast heating

Adcraft’s Cold Beverage Dispensers and Slushy Machines

June 8, 2020 | No Comments »

Are you ready for the summer rush? Temperatures are heating up and nothing spells relief from it more than a chilled or frozen drink. Adcraft’s Cold Beverage Dispensers can make juices, slushies, smoothies and so much more. They are available in either a single or double three gallon bowl option. These items are perfect for any bar, restaurant, café, convenience store and any other commercial business that wants to offer high quality and thirst quenching beverages to their customers.

The JD Series Cold Beverage Dispensers – Ideal for merchandising juices, iced tea, lemonade and more. These beverage dispensers are compact and take up minimal countertop space. The continuous stirring paddle inside the bowl keeps the beverage mixed smoothly. The manual temperature control keeps the product cold and allows the operator to adjust the settings for any variety of beverages. The base, dispenser valve and cooling cylinder are all constructed of stainless steel. The removable drip tray makes for easy clean up. Separate on/off switches for each bowl allows for complete control of the unit during operation. These cold beverage dispensers are 110V/60Hz.

Frozen Granita/Slushy Machines – These frozen drink machines have the power to turn favorite flavored beverages into delicious ice cold slushy drinks. The powerful 1/3 HP motor quickly cools the product inside. The continuous agitator system and stainless steel cooling cylinder keeps the product inside the clear polycarbonate bowl moving and fresh while in use. The non-drip tap is easy to use and prevents product leakage when serving. The nighttime running feature is great for conserving energy after hours of operation. LED lighting built into the top panel helps brighten the product inside the bowl. The frozen Granita/Slushy Machines are 115V/60Hz.

Walco’s Portable Induction Unit

June 3, 2020 | No Comments »

For use in a variety of settings, Walco’s Portable Induction Unit is the perfect complement to show off your food presentation with complete temperature control and no flames! And to reduce sliding that typically happens on induction units, magnets attach to the chafer to keep it solidly in place!

Check out many other features the Walco Portable Induction Unit offers in the video below:

Re-Opening Your Commercial Kitchen After COVID-19 Closures

June 1, 2020 | No Comments »

As you begin preparing to re-open your commercial kitchen, one of the most important things to remember is to have patience. Your equipment may need a little extra TLC in order to start, and service companies are likely understaffed and overwhelmed with service calls as operators run into issues with their equipment.

With that in mind, here are a few ways to best prepare your equipment for regular use:

  1. Give your entire kitchen a good deep cleaning. Disinfect all surfaces and clean the insides of equipment, underneath them, and behind them! Aim to get your kitchen looking the way it looked the first day you opened. This is a great time to start fresh!
  2. Consider bringing in some outside assistance. Have your ducts cleaned, the fire system inspected, and your hood’s fans and controls inspected. Because your hood has been sitting idle for an extended period of time, belts may have become brittle which would make them susceptible to snapping. Service your rooftop units as the coils, blowers, and other internal parts may need to be cleaned. The more you do to clean your equipment well, the less likely you are to run into issues when you try to start a machine!
  3. Ensure your hood is working properly before you turn on any other equipment. Once the unit has been cleaned, you can do a smoke test to make sure the hood is indeed working. If the smoke goes up into the hood, you’re good to go! If it does not, it’s time for a service call.
  4. Clean your refrigeration units. Clean the condensers (directions should be in your owner’s manual, or you can look for a video online). Clean out the interior of the fridge, and if any smells linger, leave the doors open to let it air out. Once smells are gone and the unit has been cleaned, turn the unit on. If it does not come to temperature within two hours, try to adjust the temperature control to see if it reacts. If it does not, call the service department. Moving forward, you should be cleaning the condenser on each unit once per month.
  5. Clean and re-light the pilot lights on your ranges and convection ovens. After you’ve ensured your hood is working properly, you can safely turn on your gas line and re-light your pilot lights. Keep in mind there may be air bubbles in the gas lines, so it may take up to two minutes to manually light a pilot light. For convection ovens, they may try to light a few times before the system determines it is unable to light and shuts down. If this happens, turn the machine off and on to allow it to cycle again. If after two restarts it is still not cycling on, and your range is working properly (this tells you that there isn’t an issue with the gas line), make a service call.
  6. Let the water run through all of your faucets to get things flowing and flush out the system.
  7. Clean and run your ice machine. Replacing the water filter should be the first thing you do. Once that is done, open the ice maker. Disassemble all removable components and wash/sanitize to remove any mold, mildew, and algae. Clean and sanitize the storage bin or dispenser along with all ice scoops, ice buckets, and transport equipment. Then, restore all components before turning the water on. Start the machine up and run two or three batches of ice and discard the ice. Run the machine through any manufacturer recommended cleaning and sanitizing procedures before starting normal ice production. Allow the machine to run for up to 24 hours prior to re-opening.

Garland’s INSTINCT Induction Countertop Line

May 27, 2020 | No Comments »


Garland’s INSTINCT Induction line featuring RTCSmp (Real-Time Temperature Control System multi-point) technology is the first and only comprehensive control and monitoring system for induction.

This technology provides real-time control, faster heat up times, safe cooking, and accurate temperatures by utilizing the electronics within the modules. This patented technology protects against “empty heating” which detects if an empty pan has been left on the surface, ensuring against possible unsafe scenarios. This also reduces heat and energy waste, saving you money!

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