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Cal-Mil Cold Concept Bases

October 17, 2017 | No Comments »

Keep food contents chilled with Cal-Mil’s Cold Concept Bases! These bases are not just beautifully designed; they are built to keep foods from becoming lukewarm! Pick from 5 different colors/materials that work perfectly with a Cal-Mil vessel, and cover.


  • Bowls and Plates sold separately.
  • Available in Black, White, Stainless Steel, Bamboo, and Reclaimed Wood
  • Works perfectly with a Cal-Mil Stainless Steel Cold Bowl, Cold Concept Plate Set or Bowl Set.
  • Dimensions: 12Wx12Dx4.5H

Jackson’s Delta 1200 Glasswasher

October 15, 2017 | No Comments »

Clean your dishes effectively, and fast! The Delta 1200 from Jackson cleans an amazing 1200 glasses per hour on a composite carousel conveyor that prevents chipping and other damage to your glassware. The Delta 1200 features a 12″ clearance that accommodates taller glasses, mugs and stemware, as well as all stainless steel construction of wash arms, rinse arms and manifold.

Take a look at all the features the Delta 1200 Glasswasher provides:

  • Rotary-type glasswasher
  • 12″ clearance allows cleaning of taller stemware, glasses and mugs
  • Cleans 1200 glasses per hour
  • Composite carousel conveyor prevents chipping and damage to glassware
  • Adjustable rinse control allows hot- or cold-water final rinses for flexible sanitizing methods
  • Low water protectors for pump and wash heating element
  • Single-switch, auto-fill operation
  • All stainless steel construction wash arms, rinse arms and manifold
  • Quick-removal side panel allow tool-free access to vacuum breakers for ease of service
  • Easy access to remove scrap screen
  • Simplified front access to all controls and chemical settings
  • Convenient, expanded chemical storage inside machine
  • Built-in precision chemical pumps and priming switches
  • Easy access scrap screens
  • Double-wall cabinet for quiet operation and reduced heat loss
  • Wash/rinse temperature gauges
  • Gravity drain
  • Efficient 1/10 HP wash pump motor
  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction
  • Adjustable bullet feet

Keeping Customers Safe with Fisher Foot Valves

October 11, 2017 | No Comments »

Keeping the food safe you serve your guests is a number one priority of any restaurant. If people get sick, they may not return, and word gets out quickly.

One of the mistakes people often make is touching the water faucet. You turn it on with dirty hands, contaminating the handle. This now contaminated handle is turned off with clean hands.

The best solution for this problem is high-quality foot valves from Fisher Manufacturing! Available in chrome polished stainless steel or brass, with stainless steel seats and anodized aluminum pedals, they are ideal for employee areas and commercial kitchens. Employees can control the flow of the water without ever touching the sink. Dual pedal models allow for hot or cold water. Configurations include floor mount or wall mount. Fisher even offers “knee valve” variations.

You can be assured that you receive a quality product too, as Fisher uses industry standard seats and gaskets and their stainless steel seats are guaranteed for life. All valves are self-closing so when the employee steps away, the water turns off. Renewable cartridges make for simple maintenance if gaskets ever become worn.

Fisher can help you keep your food and your customers safe with hands-free foot valves for every type of commercial kitchen sink!

Blodgett Premium Convection Ovens

October 9, 2017 | No Comments »

Blodgett Premium Convection Ovens are built to last, and to provide a high-quality product in the most rigorous of uses in commercial kitchens! Check out how the many features will help you protect your investment in one of the best convection ovens available:

  • A fully welded angle iron frame for strength and durability.
  • Rigid frame insulation stays in place to eliminate hot or cold spots.
  • Dependent doors with the Blodgett turnbuckle support make it easy to operate the doors simultaneously with one hand.
  • Double-sided porcelainized baking compartment liner prevents rust and prolongs the life of your oven.
  • Heavy duty doors are triple mounted directly into the frame.

Gas Models

  • DFG-100-ES – ENERGY STAR Qualified, Full Size, Standard Depth Gas Convection Oven (pictured)
  • DFG-100 – Full Size, Standard Depth Gas Convection Oven
  • DFG-200-ES – ENERGY STAR Qualified, Full Size, Bakery Depth Gas Convection Oven
  • DFG-200 – Full Size, Bakery Depth Gas Convection Oven
  • DFG-50 – Half Size Gas Convection Oven

Electric Models

  • Mark V-100 – ENERGY STAR Qualified, Full Size, Standard Depth Electric Oven
  • Mark V-200 – ENERGY STAR Qualified, Full Size, Standard Depth Electric Oven
  • CTB/CTBR – ENERGY STAR Qualified, Half Size Electric Convection Oven
  • CTB/CTBR COOKTOP – Half Size Electric Convection Oven with Griddle or Griddle/French Top Burners

Vulcan’s ABC Combi Oven

October 5, 2017 | No Comments »

Putting new equipment into the kitchen can help with efficiency, produce great results, and look great! But learning new equipment can be difficult to learn, and can overwhelm new operators. The Vulcan ABC Combi produces great results, is efficient, and looks powerful. And because Vulcan took the needs and concerns of busy foodservice professionals to mind, they made it easy to learn!

This Combi Oven is packed with features too! For example, when you set the temperature and time, the humidity automatically adjusts to the perfect setting. For chefs that may want to adjust the humidity further, that’s an option too. Foodservice professionals are achieving consistent, even results with every batch without having to rotate the pans during cooking. The timer recall feature lets busy operators move quickly in a batch cooking application.

Check out the video below to see these features in action:

Pitco Electric Solstice Series Fryers

October 4, 2017 | No Comments »

Pitco has built their electric Solstice Series Fryers efficiently, and improved their filtering process to eliminate steps needed to clean and service easier and quicker. And because all the Pitco Electric Solstice Series Fryers are built with the same depth, it makes it easier to build a standard battery to meet your kitchen needs!


  • Serviceability – The Solstice fryer has been designed to reduce the number of parts and is serviceable from the front.
  • Safe Fixed Element – The heating elements are fixed in-place to eliminate oil migration. This new design also creates a safer working environment by keeping the hot elements in the tank where they belong.
  • Sculptured Tank Sides – proves additional strength to the tank.
  • Stainless steel cabinet – New channel reinforced stainless steel cabinet (now stainless sides and front are standard) is designed for long life and appearance.
  • 17kW or 22kW – Heating elements 17kW standard, can be upgraded to 22kW for added horse power.
  • Mercury free relays – Reliable, cost effective and safe for the environment.
  • Standard with Solid State Controls – All Solstice electric fryers, single or in a battery, are standard with the Pitco Solid State controller.
  • Common Cabinet Common front-to-back dimensions make Solstice fryers easy to order, mix and match in all configurations.
  • 1-1/4″ full port drain valve – quick, clog free draining
  • The Solstice product line has four basic models that can be combined with great options and accessories to improve operating efficiency in your kitchen.
  • Solstice electric can be used as single fryers, or combined in a battery with a Solstice Filter Drawer.

The Blodgett XR8-G Rotating Rack Oven

October 1, 2017 | No Comments »

Get perfect results every time with the XR8-G gas mini rotating rack oven. A continuously rotating 8 pan rack and unique airflow system moves large amount of air a low velocity to ensure a consistently even bake every time!


  • Internal steam system capable of producing large volumes of steam for bagels or similar products – perfect for thick, shiny crusts and artesian style breads
  • Blower delay feature allows the convection fan to be turned off for up to 10 minutes – ideal for baking delicate products
  • Unique rack slide system enables the operator to quickly adjust slide spacing from 1 to 4 inches in any configuration. Slides and rack can be easily removed without tools for dishwasher cleaning
  • Proven in-shot burner technology provides energy efficiency with low maintenance
  • 12 pan stand with adjustable spacing and removable crumb trays
  • Two years parts and labor warranty

The Bakers Pride E300 Speed Oven

September 27, 2017 | No Comments »

Speed is one of the best features in any restaurant kitchen. When you can cook something fast and with consistent results, your kitchen will be able to keep up with the demands of your guests. The Bakers Pride E300 Speed Oven covers both of these needs, and combines the powerful combination of enhanced microwave power and top and bottom air impingement into a small countertop unit!

The E300 is perfect for cooking, reheating, baking or browning any mix of proteins, vegetables, or baked goods consistently by using an easy-to-use touch screen and programmable menu capable of holding up to 384 recipes. Best used in high-volume and quick serve restaurants, hotels, grocery delis, coffee shops, and pubs.


  • Vent-less
  • Removable jet plates
  • Coated microwave windows
  • Stainless steel body
  • Automatic voltage detection and adjustment
  • Self-diagnostic components to improve the oven’s overall performance

A detailed overview of the features and benefits of the Bakers Pride E300 Oven can be found below, or visit for more info.

Robot Coupe’s Blixer

September 25, 2017 | No Comments »

Originally designed to be a solution to healthcare foodservice operators to completely puree food without any lumps or chunks, Robot Coupe’s Blixer is great for more than just healthcare foodservice.

Most blenders need additional liquid to prevent cavitation on certain foods, and when water is added to portions, it dilutes the food and lowers the nutritional content per portion. Many traditional bowl type food processors also lack the required horsepower and speed to completely puree many foods. These processors also need to be stopped from time to time to manually scrape food and chunks away from the sides.

The Blixer solves these issues. The Blixer is a cross between a blender and a cutter/mixer, and features a high horsepower industrial strength motor, stainless steel bowl, serrated blades, and speeds up to 3600 rpm, allowing the Blixer to quickly puree almost any food without the need for additional liquids! A manual scraper arm can be turned, while processing continues, to push lumps and chunks of food back toward the spinning blades. Countertop Blixers are available in capacities from 2.5 quarts up to 20 quarts, and floor model Blixers can handle even larger jobs.

Check out Robot Coupe’s website to read more about Blixers and the many features that are found in their lineup!

Piper Elite 500 Frost Top Unit

September 21, 2017 | No Comments »

Perfect for merchandising salads, parfaits, jello, or a variety of desserts, the Piper Elite 500 Frost Top Unit allows you to design your cafeteria or buffet line-up how you desire. Because the Elite 500 is compatible with other Elite units, you can choose options for based on YOUR desires and needs! Take a look at all the features the Piper Elite 500 Frost Top Unit provides:


  • 14-gauge stainless steel top with 1-1/2” turndown on all sides
  • Top secured by four recessed bolts for easy access
  • Top has raised one-piece 14-gauge cold plate with drip trough on all sides, 1/2” drain and valve on one end of trough
  • 14-gauge stainless steel legs fastened to 18-gauge stainless steel bottom shelf
  • 20-gauge stainless steel end and front panels are attached to legs
  • Sliding doors
  • Louvered panels for ventilation of condensing unit in the bottom of the front panel and end panel opposite the drain
  • End louver panel removable to access compressor
  • 5” diameter swivel plate casters, 2 with brakes
  • Interlocking mechanism is provided to interlock with other Elite 500 units
  • Drain valve exits operator’s left side as standard. Drain valve is 3/4″ FPT.

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