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Archive for September, 2018

September 26, 2018 EcoNet Enabled Unit Coolers from ColdZone

ColdZone has sought to create electronically controlled evaporators for walk-in coolers and freezers with energy efficiency and easy installation in mind. Introducing the EcoNet Enabled Unit Coolers! The EcoNet Enabled Unit Cooler gives customers a higher level of control of their walk-ins, maximizing energy efficiency. They were developed in conjunction with Rheem Manufacturing, and builds […]

September 24, 2018 Delivery Made Simple with the GoBox from Cambro

The National Restaurant Association shows that 1/3 of consumers say that restaurant takeout is an important part of their lifestyle. Additionally, nearly half of adults say choosing a table service restaurant is the availability of takeout or delivery options. One of the many delivery products that Cambro offers is the GoBox. The Cambro GoBox comes […]

September 20, 2018 American Metalcraft Serving Peels Can Upgrade Your Presentation

In order to provide a complete, successful dining experience for guests, it is essential to place food presentation towards the top of importance. Serving delicious food on an equally beautiful plate can not only impress the guest, they can share it with their friends and family on social media channels. Our friends at American Metalcraft […]

September 18, 2018 The Glycol Prep Table from Traulsen

Designed to perform in the most demanding of kitchens, the Traulsen Glycol Prep Table gives operators the peace of mind that food will be kept safe. Keeping food in the safe zone must be a priority to maintain a safe food environment. This prep table has a continual flow of glycol that is dispersed through […]

September 17, 2018 Blodgett’s Baking & Roasting Deck Ovens

Perfect for any application that requires gentle baking and all-purpose roasting, Blodgett’s Baking & Roasting Deck Ovens allow for customization, and can be independently operated with different temperatures! Because the large 900 Series gas deck ovens come in four basic sections, and have the same 60” x 40” size, they can be stacked in a […]

September 12, 2018 Panasonic’s Sonic Steamer

Very popular for food trucks, catering services, and mobile kitchens, Panasonic’s Sonic Steamer has been dubbed the “recipe for happiness” by food service operators. It saves energy, doesn’t require a hood, plumbing, waterline or reservoir, making it very mobile and very efficient! But what about performance? Delivering 3200 watts, this steamer delivers accurate heat and […]

September 6, 2018 The New Navigator Sensor Faucets from Fisher

With Fisher’s new Navigator Sensor Faucets, you could conserve almost a gallon of water for every effective hand wash. In a restaurant, saving a gallon of water for every hand wash can equate to huge savings on your bottom line! Washing your hands without touching faucet handles also can help reduce disease and illnesses. Fisher […]

September 4, 2018 Duke’s Multi-Use Holding Cabinets

Keeping food hot and ready to serve is a sometimes challenging process that if mismanaged, can result in waste, bad tasting food, and dissatisfied guests. Duke’s Multi-Use Holding Cabinets meet and exceed the expectations of restaurant owners by reducing waste, and keep food tasting great! One of the ways Duke’s Holding Cabinets keeps food tasting […]


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