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METRO Has You Covered from the Kitchen to Delivery

METRO knows that having everything in its place is a key to efficient food prep, delivery, and service.  With all of the new requirements dictating a different way to prepare and serve food, while following all of the guidelines for social distancing and safe food delivery, several new products had to be added to foodservice operations.  So, the questions come down to… Do you have a place for everything? Do you have solutions for social distancing in the kitchen while prepping food? Do you have an efficient and safe way to deliver and distribute meals on-site and off-premises?

METRO has a full line of innovative solutions that can be creatively mixed and matched to accomplish your goals, maximize space, and exceed the requirements of today’s new normal. Shelving units that can be customized to store insulated food delivery boxes, carts, and additional kitchen tools needed. Mobile prep solutions that can be moved to accommodate social distancing while containing everything needed in one place. Opportunities to combine shelving units with insulated boxes for effective food delivery pick-up locations.

Let’s first look at the kitchen then move to food delivery and service.

Metro came up with three-sided shelving frames to accommodate food transport items needed and to create more efficient storage of all the tools you need. Create a system that works best for you by including baskets, vertical dividers, and label inserts. If needed, add a roll under can rack unit.

How about adding more storage solutions above Metro SMSPM2436 SmartWall/Super Erecta Prep Stations?

All in one prep stations can double your storage space, keep everyone at a better distance, and minimize direct contact between foodservice professionals. The easy-mount wall track makes set-up a snap. The wall unit holds up to 250 lbs. and include everything you need to set it up.  Add Mightylite Boxes to these carts and a few accessories and it doubles as a mobile serving station.

Let’s not forget about Metro’s PrepMate Multistation

This is a fantastic unit for food prep and perfect for these times when distance and flexibility are paramount. It’s designed to create space, improve productivity, and provide a more comfortable and streamlined workflow. When prep is finished, the PrepMate can be adjusted to fit directly under counters or tables to limit the amount of space it takes up in the kitchen.

METRO Insulated Food Cabinets

Keep your orders hot and ready. These cabinets come in a variety of sizes and door configurations to meet your exact needs. For example, the clear Dutch doors allow you to see what’s inside the cabinet without having to open the doors. They feature a cool-to-touch design and provide energy efficiency at a lower initial investment. The durable polymer Insulation Armour insulates the cabinet and is dent, impact, and stain resistant. Built-in hand holds and full-body bumper protection make it easy to handle when used in mobile applications.

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