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Archive for December, 2019

December 31, 2019 The Efficiency of a Cleveland Steam Jacketed Kettle

Not only are Cleveland Kettles built to last the rigors of a commercial kitchen, they are built and designed in a way to solve problems. An innovative kettle that includes features such as: Safety Marine Latch Protected Controls Strategically Placed Gauge Easy-to-Maintain Solid State Controls Compared to stock pots that use a high temperature at […]

December 24, 2019 CMA’s High Temperature Single Rack Dishwasher

CMA’s High Temperature Single Rack Dishwasher (CMA-180VL-FL), is a front loading dishwasher that requires 75% less floor space than traditional dish machines.  The compact, space-saving design requires no entry or exit tables and requires only 7.1 square feet of floor space. The CMA-180VL-FL has a 170 second cycle (60 second wash/rinse and 110 second steam […]

December 18, 2019 Traulsen’s Compact Sandwich Prep Tables

Compact prep tables sometimes lack the features that bigger prep tables offer, but the Traulsen Compact Sandwich Prep Tables offer a variety of features that are hard to find. These tables give 50% more safe product storage space, as they can accommodate 6” deep pans to still meet NSF 7 standards for performance, holding food […]

December 16, 2019 Duke’s Multi-Use Holding Cabinets

Keeping food hot and ready to serve is a sometimes challenging process that if mismanaged, can result in waste, bad tasting food, and dissatisfied guests. Duke’s Multi-Use Holding Cabinets meet and exceed the expectations of restaurant owners by reducing waste, and keep food tasting great! One of the ways Duke’s Holding Cabinets keeps food tasting great is […]

December 11, 2019 Traulsen’s Glycol Prep Table

Designed to perform in the most demanding of kitchens, the Traulsen Glycol Prep Table gives operators the peace of mind that food will be kept safe. Keeping food in the safe zone must be a priority to maintain a safe food environment. This prep table has a continual flow of glycol that is dispersed through […]

December 9, 2019 American Panel’s Intelligent Controller Plus (IC+)

American Panel’s Intelligent Controller Plus gives foodservice operators peace of mind knowing that expensive food products are being held at safe temperatures at all times! A variety of features and alarms, along with full HACCP documentation for walk-in cold rooms, helps operators monitor the quality and safety of the food. Think of it as a […]

December 4, 2019 Blodgett’s Baking & Roasting Deck Ovens

Perfect for any application that requires gentle baking and all-purpose roasting, Blodgett’s Baking & Roasting Deck Ovens allow for customization, and can be independently operated with different temperatures! Because the large 900 Series gas deck ovens come in four basic sections, and have the same 60” x 40” size, they can be stacked in a variety of […]

December 2, 2019 American Metalcraft’s Prestige Serving Bowls

Any restaurant owner knows that presentation is one of the most important aspects of a complete dining experience for your guests. Impress them at the table, and it will start a great experience that will keep them coming back. American Metalcraft has created the Prestige line of Squound, Squoval & Squavy ceramic bowls to accomplish […]


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