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Archive for March, 2019

March 19, 2019 Cadco’s Clamshell Grill

Considered the “Fast Grill System,” the Cadco Clamshell Grill (CPG-10FC) uses both cooking by contact to create an even, uniform cook on the surface of food and infrared rays to penetrate to food to its heart. The Cadco Clamshell Grill makes beautiful looking-food that your customers will surely enjoy! Even frozen food products don’t stand […]

Vollrath’s Heavy-Duty Deli Electric Slicer

Designed for high-volume retail operations, the Heavy Duty Deli Electric Slicer from Vollrath is belt driven, durable, and uses a long-wearing belt to provide reliable service. It includes a built-in sharpener, to keep operations running smooth and production consistent. ½ peak HP heavy-duty motor for continuous use and higher torque is used for cheese slicing. […]

March 17, 2019 Blodgett Premium Convection Ovens

Blodgett Premium Convection Ovens are built to last, and to provide a high-quality product in the most rigorous of uses in commercial kitchens! Check out how the many features will help you protect your investment in one of the best convection ovens available: A fully welded angle iron frame for strength and durability. Rigid frame insulation […]

March 13, 2019 Round Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Boards from John Boos

Creating an authentic feel complete with the right ambiance is an experience that customers crave in their favorite pizza restaurant. John Boos helps restaurants accomplish this feel with their round edge grain reversible cutting boards. Rather than cutting pizza on plastic, customers can be presented their pizza on a beautiful, authentic, cutting board. Made of […]

March 11, 2019 Blodgett SBF Boiler Free Steamers

Transferring heat by using steam is one of the most efficient ways in the industry, saving you money! Steaming also helps retain the delicious flavor, nutrients, texture, and freshness of so many foods that the Blodgett SBF Boiler Free Steamer provides! Available in a 3 pan or 5 pan steamer, the Blodgett SBF Boiler Free […]

March 7, 2019 The RITZ 685° Silicone Oven Mitts from the John Ritzenthaler Company

Keep your hands protected with the RITZ 685° Silicone Protective Oven Mitts! Kelly Saltsman from the John Ritzenthaler Company gives us a closer look of the RITZ 685° at the 2019 NAFEM Show. Kelly took a boiling pot of water and buried his hand into it with the RITZ 685° on, demonstrating its capability to […]

March 5, 2019 The Vulcan VSX Series Commercial Gas Countertop Food Steamer Oven

Best suited for operations that prefer to run on national gas or propane, the Vulcan VSX gas countertop steamer features electronic controls and ready / cook lights.  An ignition light also informs the operator that the steam generator has filled, the gas burner has ignited and that the steam generator is heating.  The 45,000 BTU/hr. […]

March 4, 2019 Choosing the Right Globe Mixer

A good mixer provides an equal mix of ingredients without over mixing the product. Choosing the right Globe mixer for the correct product is important, and can mean the difference between an overworked/underworked mix and the perfect consistency. Spiral Mixer If you plan on making just dough, then you want to use a Globe Spiral Mixer. They […]


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