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Archive for October, 2013

October 30, 2013 High Temperature Cleaning vs. Low Temperature Sanitizing

It is difficult to not only clean, but “sanitize” dishes. A low-temp system typically washes dirty dishes at 120°F, and rinses them with a chemical sanitizing solution to neutralize any remaining bacteria or pathogens. A high-temp system washes dishes at 160°F and then rinses them at 180°F, relying on heat to sanitize the dishes. Low-temp […]

October 24, 2013 Not All Plastic is Created Equal

…Especially when it comes to the different types of plastics used to make foodservice products from tongs, to food pans, to sugar caddies. Different types of plastics  are better suited for certain products than others. The chart below is a great breakdown of this point. Click here for the full PDF of the chart below. The characteristics […]

October 21, 2013 Tuxton Linx Collection

Tuxton has recently launched its brand new Linx Collection of dinnerware. The collection features an assortment of uniquely designed trays, cups and bowls. The assortment and their thoughtful design allows operators to perfectly marry a customized look with practical service. Both tray designs feature a well into which any of the cups or bowls fit snugly. This is […]

October 15, 2013 Vulcan PowerFry

Until recently the basic rule for commercial gas fryers fell into one of two categories: the bottom fry design or the tube type design. The introduction of the PowerFry VK Series fryer by Vulcan bent that rule. They bent a few tubes too. Looking into the tank of a PowerFry you didn’t see the traditional uniform and […]

October 10, 2013 Chili Rethermalizers

October is National Chili Month, and what a perfect time of year for a pot of chili. The weather is starting to turn, it’s football season, and chili is the perfect way to stay warm and enjoy the game. In commercial operations, chili is often prepared ahead of time and then warmed up and held […]

October 3, 2013 Dexter-Russell Seafood Knives

October is National Seafood Month. So we thought we’d talk a little bit about the utensils required to prepare seafood correctly. Dexter-Russell has a wide range of knives specifically meant to help prepare seafood.  Here are the knives best suited for seared scallops, oysters Rockefeller, baked salmon and a few other delicacies from the sea.  […]


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