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Duke’s Hot/Frost Merchandisers

January 13, 2020 | No Comments »

Available in over 30 different colors with 4 different finishes, the Hot/Frost Merchandisers from Duke have the ability to not only be highly customized to fit your needs, but are energy efficient too!

With improvements in throughput, space and labor savings, and ease of use, Duke’s Hot/Frost Merchandisers are a huge addition to your restaurant!


  • Throughput Improvements: Eliminates customers going from one line to another.
  • Space Savings: Maximizes menu versatility in an area where space is limited.
  • Labor Savings: Allows you to take food out of hot or cold holding and place directly in Hot Frost Shelf.
  • Easy to Use: Intuitive controls.

Blodgett Hydrovection Ovens

January 8, 2020 | No Comments »


Available in either gas (HV-100G) or electric (HV-100E), Blodgett’s Hydrovection Ovens help operators save time, and increase the yield that is produced. With a fully gasketed door to keep heat where it is needed, you can be sure that your Hydrovection Oven won’t lose heat.

To keep consistency, the oven is equipped with a 4-speed, auto reversing fan to achieve the best results. And releasing steam built up inside the oven is easy with a push of a switch!


  • Available in gas or electric
  • Fully gasketed door keeps steam and heat where you need it, inside the oven not in your kitchen
  • Removable core temperature probe for safe, accurate placement into the product and simple cleanup after
  • Four speed, auto-reversing fan for a consistent, even bake
  • Cavity vent control to release steam at the push of a switch
  • Retractable hand shower for easy cleaning

Crown Brands, Your Single Source Solution Provider

January 6, 2020 | No Comments »

Crown Brands is known as a single source solution provider, offering brands that can be found in every area of a successful foodservice operation! The following are included in the complete line that Crown Brand offers:


Johnson-Rose offers a wide variety of smallwares that can be found in the prep kitchen, serving areas, and on the table.  They also provide janitorial equipment, shelving, sinks, table tops, table bases, textiles, warewashing supplies, worktables, and much more.


Focus has your storage and transport needs covered.  They have a wide variety of stationary and mobile shelving.


Provides all the smallwares you need for both back of the house and front of the house applications.  They offer mixing bowls, portion control spoons, dishers, scoops, tongs, utensils, gadgets, cake decorating stands, manual slicers, pizza supplies, chafers, table service, and more.


Helping you serve up some warm soup in their soup warming and cooking equipment. They also have skillets, platters, griddles, modular cup and lid dispensers, no-drip faucets and fittings for beverage dispensing and commercial foodservice equipment.


Specializing with equipment at the bar with the most complete line of bar supplies and accessories. You will find everything from ice buckets, shakers, condiment holders, pourers, bar kits, howlers, growlers, mats, trays, and more.


Enhance the dining experience for your guests with meal presentations that leave a lasting impression with Oneida. They have a beautiful and wide selection of flatware patterns, dinnerware designs, banquet servers, glasses and stemware.

Vollrath Cayenne Gas Flat Top Griddles

January 2, 2020 | No Comments »

Vollrath’s Cayenne Gas Flat Top Griddle offer the user a simple, yet effective way of preparing delicious food. With a small kitchen footprint, these griddles provide maximum efficiency in the small area that they operate in.

  • Shipped set up for natural gas, includes kit for conversion to propane
  • Includes regulator and gas valve
  • Polished surface 3/4″ thick top plate
  • Welded seams eliminate grease and dirt traps
  • 12″ (30.5 cm) wide heating zone per control*
  • Cooking surface depth: 19″ (48.3 cm)
  • 2 3/4″ (7 cm) backsplash, 2 1/4″ (5.7 cm) side splashes
  • Heavy-duty legs with 4″ (10.2 cm) to 5 1/2″(14 cm) adjustment range
  • 40722 and 40723 thermostatically controlled griddles maintain user settings to ensure consistent surface temperature

*18″ unit has one burner

The Efficiency of a Cleveland Steam Jacketed Kettle

December 31, 2019 | No Comments »

KET-T Electric Steam Kettle

Not only are Cleveland Kettles built to last the rigors of a commercial kitchen, they are built and designed in a way to solve problems. An innovative kettle that includes features such as:

  • Safety Marine Latch
  • Protected Controls
  • Strategically Placed Gauge
  • Easy-to-Maintain Solid State Controls

Compared to stock pots that use a high temperature at the bottom of the pot, Cleveland’s Steam Jacketed Kettles are ideal for fast cooking, due to two-thirds of the cooking surface receiving lower temperatures. Efficient heat transfer allows for a more uniform heat throughout the product. Steam Jacketed Kettles also use 35% less energy than a traditional stock pot that has wasted heat!

Find more information on the Cleveland Steam Jacketed Kettle here.

CMA’s High Temperature Single Rack Dishwasher

December 24, 2019 | No Comments »

CMA’s High Temperature Single Rack Dishwasher (CMA-180VL-FL), is a front loading dishwasher that requires 75% less floor space than traditional dish machines.  The compact, space-saving design requires no entry or exit tables and requires only 7.1 square feet of floor space.

The CMA-180VL-FL has a 170 second cycle (60 second wash/rinse and 110 second steam evacuation). It washes 21 standard 20”x 20” racks per hour. It’s equipped with an ENERGY STAR water-saving design (0.89 gals of water per cycle), water level safety control, and Safe-T-Temp features assuring a sanitizing rinse of 180°F. The wash tank screens filter recirculating wash water, preventing soil from clogging spray arms.

The available Vent-less option has a Heat Recovery Condensation Removal System that captures and distributes normally exhausted heat from the wash/rinse tank, using this FREE energy to pre-heat cold water prior to feeding the booster heater. The energy needed to bring the booster heater to the correct temperature is reduced, saving money on energy costs. This dishwasher can be up and running without a vent hood, reducing thousands on installation costs.

Traulsen’s Compact Sandwich Prep Tables

December 18, 2019 | No Comments »

Compact prep tables sometimes lack the features that bigger prep tables offer, but the Traulsen Compact Sandwich Prep Tables offer a variety of features that are hard to find. These tables give 50% more safe product storage space, as they can accommodate 6” deep pans to still meet NSF 7 standards for performance, holding food safe for up to 4 hours!


  • Zero Clearance: Saving space is the idea with these tables, and so a zero clearance table allows for placing units flush against the wall or other equipment.
  • Four Hours of Cool: The Compact Prep Table holds food safely up to four hours, all while working with limited space.
  • Meets NSF 7 Performance Requirements: A compact table isn’t effective if it doesn’t deliver performance and safety, and the Traulsen Compact Sandwich Prep Tables deliver!

Duke’s Multi-Use Holding Cabinets

December 16, 2019 | No Comments »


Keeping food hot and ready to serve is a sometimes challenging process that if mismanaged, can result in waste, bad tasting food, and dissatisfied guests. Duke’s Multi-Use Holding Cabinets meet and exceed the expectations of restaurant owners by reducing waste, and keep food tasting great!

One of the ways Duke’s Holding Cabinets keeps food tasting great is through passive venting. This provides a non-mechanically controlled form of adjusting heat profiles in the space. It allows hot, stale, moist air to escape without influencing the food. Another feature of these holding cabinets is that the heat is transferred through conduction. Heat is transferred directly to the pan and then to the food!

Features of the Duke’s Multi-use Holding Cabinets:

  • Eliminates water from the holding process
  • Easy to clean
  • Individual compartments controlled independently
  • Different configurations available to meet your space, menu mix and through-put needs
  • Holds full size sheet pans and 4″ deep steam table pans
  • Heat sink successfully implemented in over 35,000 restaurants worldwide
  • Heats food product from 3 sides
  • Lid system available to manage humidity
  • Innovative timer bars facilitate individual compartment management
  • Intuitive web programming feature enables simple reprogramming via USB drive
  • Proven to effectively hold baked and moisture sensitive products
  • No flavor transfer
  • Extends hold times reducing waste

Traulsen’s Glycol Prep Table

December 11, 2019 | No Comments »

Designed to perform in the most demanding of kitchens, the Traulsen Glycol Prep Table gives operators the peace of mind that food will be kept safe.

Keeping food in the safe zone must be a priority to maintain a safe food environment. This prep table has a continual flow of glycol that is dispersed through aluminum bars to help achieve this goal. Even in the hottest of kitchen environments with the lid off, food will maintain consistent temperatures for 24 hours!

This technology eliminates temperature inconsistencies that lead to frost buildup, and defrost cycles. The Traulsen Glycol Prep Table is energy efficient too, as they require 46% less refrigerant!


  • Exceeds NSF requirements by maintaining food at or below 39° using *specified 6” deep pans.
  • No frost. No defrost. No fans.
  • Evaporator coils are recessed to allow superior refrigeration flow for stored pans.


American Panel’s Intelligent Controller Plus (IC+)

December 9, 2019 | No Comments »

American Panel’s Intelligent Controller Plus gives foodservice operators peace of mind knowing that expensive food products are being held at safe temperatures at all times! A variety of features and alarms, along with full HACCP documentation for walk-in cold rooms, helps operators monitor the quality and safety of the food. Think of it as a full-time walk-in cooler manager!

Adaptive Programming is standard with the controller, meaning it automatically detects walk-in temperatures, adjusts settings, and sets the high and low alarm points, along with the door heater control. The controller features a digital thermometer, audio and visual temperature alarm, high and low set points, door heater, 3-way light switch, door monitor, dry contacts, USB HACCP interface, and battery backup. To add to these many features, it also has the capability to send email and text alerts using Wi-Fi. Programmable settings allow operators to adjust parameters for complete customization.

Contact your equipment expert for more information on how you can incorporate this into your operation!

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