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The Benefits of Blast Chilling, Shock Freezing, and American Panel’s HurriChill

American Panel, experts for more than 50 years, can provide everything you need to know about blast chilling and shock freezing. Here are some benefits you can expect to receive when using blast chilling and shock freezing in your establishment:

Food Safety: When it comes to food safety, minimizing time spent in the danger zone (140˚F to 40˚F) is key. To limit the danger of bacterial contamination in food, it is extremely important to lower its temperature rapidly. Micro-organisms work fast, especially at temperatures between 140˚F and 40˚F.

Food Quality: When food is slowly chilled, cells are damaged. This process has a negative effect on taste, aroma, overall appeal, and customer satisfaction. Blast chilling and shock freezing captures the flavor and food quality and minimizes the breakdown.

Wider Menu: Blast chilling and shock freezing allows restaurants to provide a more varied menu of delicious, fresh-tasting choices! With a HurriChill blast chiller/shock freezer, chefs can complete semi-finished dishes in record time.

Save Valuable Time: Blast chilling and shock freezing allows menu items to be prepared faster and ahead of time. Schedules are easier to maintain and significant time is saved throughout the week as meals are prepared and served.

Improve/Extend Shelf Life: This is a big factor. Increase shelf life up to five days with your HurriChill blast chiller. If long term storage is required, shock freezing prolongs shelf life for several months. We will talk about the difference between blast chilling and shock freezing later in this article.

Less Waste: Discarded leftovers can become a thing of the past. Blast chilling or shock freezing allows operators to plan and use leftover food products efficiently.

Less Product Shrinkage: Weigh this HurriChill advantage: the rapid speed of blast chilling protects moisture in the food from evaporation up to 15%. This is significant when you look at the high cost of food today.

Saves Labor: Chefs can now produce seven days’ worth of food in just three or four days. Think about the huge benefits and cost savings that brings your operation.

Smarter Food Purchasing: Think of the money that could be saved by buying in bulk at lower prices without the risk factors that come with buying food in bulk. When you introduce blast chilling and shock freezing into the food prep process, seasonal items become more accessible–and you’ll avoid the risk of running out of popular menu items during peak periods.

Your Bottom Line: Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, reduce costs, increase profits, and more.

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