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Generate More Positive Reviews for Your Restaurant

The number of positive reviews your foodservice operation receives will significantly impact your bottom line. A study conducted by Trip Advisor found that online reviews influence 94% of US diners.

When is the last time you checked sites like Yelp, Google, Open Table, and social media to read the feedback guests have left about your restaurant? These days, even one negative review can deter someone from choosing to eat at your establishment.

So how do you earn more positive reviews? Here are a few ways to ask for positive reviews:

  • Place QR codes on to-go containers so that guests can scan and leave a review.
  • Hand out takeaway cards asking for reviews on the sites you’re listed on. Encourage people to leave the card (with their name and email address written down) in a bowl on the way out once they’ve completed the reviews. Once a month, draw one card from that month’s collection to win a free appetizer or dessert (incentivizing the review process can make a big difference!).
  • If you hand out mints, wet-wipes, or other small items after guests have finished their meals, consider printing review reminders on the packaging.
  • Set up a review station near the entrance, encouraging guests to leave a review before they leave. Designate a tablet for this purpose and place clear signage around it. Remind your staff to point it out before guests leave their tables.

When you commit to exceeding expectations and building relationships with your customers, while also focusing on ways to ask for positive reviews tactfully, you will see an uptick in the amount of great feedback being left on your restaurant profiles.

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