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July 8, 2020 The Nexis LED Candle System from Hollowick

The Nexis LED Candle System from Hollowick is packed full of features that make it one of the most advanced rechargeable candle system in the market! Take a look at the features that back up that claim: A state-of-the-art wireless charging technology that consumes up to 50% less energy than comparable induction charging systems. When […]

July 6, 2020 Keeping Clean with Fisher’s Navigator Sensor Faucets

With Fisher’s Navigator Sensor Faucets, you could conserve almost a gallon of water for every effective hand wash. In a restaurant, saving a gallon of water for every hand wash can equate to huge savings on your bottom line! Washing your hands without touching faucet handles also can help reduce disease and illnesses. Fisher cares […]

July 1, 2020 CMA’s 181-VL High Temperature Undercounter Dishmachine

Finding a temperature balance for a bartender’s dish machine usually has its tradeoffs. A dishmachine with too low of a temperature doesn’t reliably rinse away cosmetics, leaving glass with a stain that casts a doubt how clean the glass actually is. And while effective at cleaning, high-temperature dishmachines create too much water vapor and steam […]

June 30, 2020 Amana’s Commercial Xpress IQ ARX Ovens

The faster, safer, and smarter Amana Commercial Xpress IQ ARX Ovens combine forced air, convection, and microwave to cook food fast and consistently! They don’t take up much space, and have no need for ventilation. It has more than 1200 programmable menu items through the customizable True-Touch HD touchscreen! In an effort to keep hands […]

June 24, 2020 The Carlisle TrimLine Waste Container Dolly

Simply taking out the trash in a foodservice operation can prove to be difficult. These large and heavy trash receptacles often are emptied only at the end of the shift, and in some cases, once a day. You can imagine how heavy and awkward these trash receptacles can get! To reduce the additional risk of […]

June 22, 2020 Delivering an Outdoor Experience with Crown Verity

To keep customers coming back to your restaurant, you need to not only deliver on food and service, but atmosphere too! The outdoors provide a great atmosphere that we always associate with special moments like family reunions, vacations, cookouts, festivals, celebrations, and picnics. There are, however, many challenges that go along with providing a fulfilling […]

June 18, 2020 Victorinox Epicurean Cutting Boards

The Victorinox Epicurean Cutting Boards look like upscale wood boards without any of the negative aspects of wood cutting boards. They are dishwasher safe and are completely customizable. Although available in standard shapes and sizes, you can customize to any size or shape that works for you. You also have the option to imprint your […]

June 16, 2020 Vulcan’s Chip Warmer

Summer is in full swing, and there aren’t too many better summer experiences than eating some warm, delicious chips and salsa in an outdoor dining environment. To compliment that experience, Vulcan’s first-in first out Chip Warmer to keep those chips warm and ready to eat. Vulcan’s Chip Warmer is available in high-capacity top load styles […]

June 8, 2020 Adcraft’s Cold Beverage Dispensers and Slushy Machines

Are you ready for the summer rush? Temperatures are heating up and nothing spells relief from it more than a chilled or frozen drink. Adcraft’s Cold Beverage Dispensers can make juices, slushies, smoothies and so much more. They are available in either a single or double three gallon bowl option. These items are perfect for […]

June 3, 2020 Walco’s Portable Induction Unit

For use in a variety of settings, Walco’s Portable Induction Unit is the perfect complement to show off your food presentation with complete temperature control and no flames! And to reduce sliding that typically happens on induction units, magnets attach to the chafer to keep it solidly in place! Check out many other features the […]

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