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Delivering an Outdoor Experience with Crown Verity

Model: CV-RCB-60-1RDP

To keep customers coming back to your restaurant, you need to not only deliver on food and service, but atmosphere too! The outdoors provide a great atmosphere that we always associate with special moments like family reunions, vacations, cookouts, festivals, celebrations, and picnics.

There are, however, many challenges that go along with providing a fulfilling experience for outdoor dining: ease of transportation, food safety, providing adequate customer amenities, and dealing with the outdoors elements just to name a few!

Crown Verity is an expert that reduces or eliminates those challenges to keep things comfortable for your guests, and making it easier than ever to locate your operation outdoors. From gas-powered grills to patio heaters to refrigeration units, Crown Verity can provide a reason for your guests to keep coming back! Whatever outdoor experience you want to deliver, Crown Verity will help you succeed and tap into one of the fastest growing trends in foodservice today.

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