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Choosing the Right Globe Mixer

A good mixer provides an equal mix of ingredients without over mixing the product. Choosing the right Globe mixer for the correct product is important, and can mean the difference between an overworked/underworked mix and the perfect consistency.

Spiral Mixer

If you plan on making just dough, then you want to use a Globe Spiral Mixer. They feature a permanent dough hook that gently turns in place. Below it, the bowl spins, continuously returning product to the turning hook. They also do not whip or beat, but instead gently knead the dough without too much friction or a rise in dough temperatures. This allows the gluten structures in the dough to form. They take up more kitchen counter space, but are shorter than a Planetary Mixer.

Planetary Mixer

If you want to make dough, and other mixes, you should choose the more versatile Planetary Mixer. These mixers feature interchangeable agitators that can do everything; mix, whip, knead, and beat. Another great feature of a Globe Planetary Mixer is the attachments that can be used to slice, shred, grate, shred or grind. So when you need to do a variety of different jobs, the Planetary Mixer is the one to choose. They take up less of kitchen counter space, but are taller than Spiral Mixers.

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