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Blodgett SBF Boiler Free Steamers


Transferring heat by using steam is one of the most efficient ways in the industry, saving you money! Steaming also helps retain the delicious flavor, nutrients, texture, and freshness of so many foods that the Blodgett SBF Boiler Free Steamer provides!

Available in a 3 pan or 5 pan steamer, the Blodgett SBF Boiler Free Steamer is electric, and can be installed easily with no plumbing.


  • Economical: Separate cold water condenser for each steamer compartment saves on filtered water expense
  • Durable: Robust, heavy duty slammable doors with a 5 year door warranty
  • Hands-Free Door Design: An elbow works just fine when holding a heavy pan with both hands
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain: Polished 304 stainless steel exterior and 316 stainless steel coved corner liner in cooking compartment for superior rust prevention

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