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The New 4-Series Induction Ranges from Vollrath

Vollrath’s new 4-Series Induction Ranges combines all the benefits that both induction and gas ranges provide, while eliminating the downsides. This groundbreaking launch is being recognized as Next Generation Induction Cooking.

Vollrath’s 4-Series Induction Ranges emulate gas cooking with the capacity for power, precision and control.  They can bring food to a boil or reduce to a simmer quickly with flame-like control. The expanded magnetic field emulates gas to allow uninterrupted heat while lifting or tilting pan to sauté or flip. The power level control offers responsive gas flame-like control, in increments from 1 to 100% of watts.  The temperature control provides steady, controlled heating in single degree increments in °F (80-450°) and °C (27-232°). On top of all that, add the benefits of increased energy efficiency, safer working conditions and cooler kitchens!

Chef Justin Carlisle utilizes the Vollrath 4-Series Induction Range in his restaurants, listen to how it improves the efficiency and results!

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