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The Ice Pro from Follett Ice

Eliminate the need to shovel or scoop ice from the bin with the Ice Pro from Follett Ice. Simply pressing down on a button or foot pedal will dispense ice at a rate of 75-120 pounds of ice per minute, or 10 pound packaged ice will dispense at 6-8 bags per minute.

The Ice Pro features an automated agitation cycle to prevent ice from forming bridges and clogging up the dispensing. You will notice a huge cost in savings as pre-bagged ice can cost up to $1 or more, where using the Ice Pro will only cost about 20 cents per bag.


  • Adjustable bag stand accommodates ice bag sizes up to 20 pounds (90 kg)
  • Dispenses ice into smaller containers such as Totes or ice coolers
  • Removable, lockable clear window prevents unauthorized access to ice; provides ice removal in power failures and for maintenance
  • Maintenance access from front and side
  • Front door assembly removes for installation through narrow doors
  • User-friendly controls with mode selection and variable dispense time
  • Blower opens bag automatically for high-volume, hands-free dispensing of bagged ice
  • Bag holder pins for use with wire-wicket bags
  • Dispense timer for consistent filling of ice bags

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