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Keeping Food Safe with FoodHandler

Whether for storage or easy-clean up, keeping your food clean is priority #1. FoodHandler bags deliver convenience, versatility, and strength to withstand the harsh conditions of any busy foodservice operation.

And here is something that you may have not considered when using FoodHandler bags, the cleanup! Save costs on your labor by simplifying cleanup — and improve HACCP compliance by keeping grease out of drains.

Take a look at all the applications you can use FoodHandler bags for in your kitchen:

  • Bun Pan & Rack Cover Bags
  • Food Storage Bags- Flat Pack
  • Food Storage Bags- Roll Pack
  • Nylon High-heat Pan Liners
  • Poly Pan Liners
  • Private Label Bags & Liners
  • Reclosable Bags
  • Reclosable Microwavable Steam Bags
  • Sandwich, Deli, and Snack Bags
  • Silverware Bags

Keep your food clean, and your clean-ups mess free with FoodHandler storage bags!

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