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Groen Vortex100 Connectionless Steamer

Perfect for small and medium-duty operations that often lack water or drain line connections, the Groen Vortex100 connectionless steamer is perfect for a variety of applications.

Using a boilerless design, the Vortex100 uses a very efficient sub-2.5 gallons of water per hour in heavy use. It also saves you money by being Energy Star efficient. Save time with less filling in its 4 gallon fully-accessible reservoir, which cleans up very easily with a simple vinegar water solution.

Features of the Vortex100 Connectionless Steamer:

  • Available in 3 and 6 pan models
  • Offered in table-top mounted or stand-mounted models from the factory
  • Its 4 gallon water capacity reservoir is the largest in the industry
  • Simple and easy clean-up with its fully-accessible steam generator and mirror-like interior
  • Powerful convection fan provides even steaming of food
  • Vortex100 automatically goes to hold mode when the cook cycle is complete
  • Requires no water or drain line connections
  • Hands-free, push-up door handle design saves time
  • Units are available in 102v, 240v and 480v operation
  • 5 year cavity warranty and 1 year parts and labor warranty
  • All Vortex100 units are ENERGY STAR rated and are eligible for energy company rebates

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