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Vulcan Achiever Charbroilers Series

With the best temperature profile of any charbroiler in its class, the VACB Series gas charbroilers offer more usable heat (600-700º F) into the grate area for maximum performance, high production and reliability at any restaurant or institutional operation.


  • Powerful 17,000 BTU/hr burner in each 6″ broiler section with wide range manual gas valves for precise zone control
  • Heavy duty cast iron burners, radiants and grates provide exceptional durability
  • Heat deflector panels below burner sections reflect heat into the cooking zone, improving uniformity of temperature across the entire cooking surface as well as protection your refrigerated chef base
  • Vulcan’s “Supercharger” plates are standard-improving energy utilization and performance across the burner box
  • Easy-to-light design, standing pilot ignition

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