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Perlick’s Tobin Ellis Signature Draft Cocktail Station

The biggest drinking night of the year is also the busiest bar night! Many patrons flock to the bars on Thanksgiving Eve, generating huge profits for bar owners while also building a holiday season fan base for the months to come.

The Tobin Ellis Signature Draft Cocktail Station from Perlick is a perfect compliment to your bar this holiday season. Serving cocktails on tap is a great way to expand mixed drink offerings and promote signature cocktails. It’s perfect for holiday parties and low cost guest samplings. Pre-mixing batches of high volume, house specialty cocktails allows operators to increase speed of service, drink consistency, and portion control. Perlick’s specially designed cocktail kegs combined with its NSF approved circulating pump maintain product quality by keeping drink ingredients thoroughly blended from the first glass to the last.

Check out the video below for more discussion about Cocktails On Tap from Perlick.

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