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Curtron Air Curtain 2-Go Pro

Specifically meant for drive-thru restaurants, the Curtron 2-Go Pro air curtain fits windows up to 24″ wide and 42″ high. It is so quiet that attendants will easily still hear customer’s at the window. A huge reason to consider Curtron if you have a drive-thru is that you will save big in energy costs by keeping heated or cooled air from escaping the window when it is open.

It is also extremely easy to install requiring just four lag screws. The air discharge is adjustable up to +/-20°. Additionally, the 2-Go Pro air curtain makes the work environment safer for drive-through attendants. It helps to block harmful car exhaust and bugs from entering through the window. The unit, which comes with or without electric heat, can also help protect workers in inclement weather.


  • Heavy duty stainless steel housing
  • Aluminum blower wheels
  • Adjustable air discharge by +/- 20°
  • Extremely quiet operation – you won’t notice it’s on!
  • Easy installation: only 4 lag screws required
  • 120V, single-phase, plug-in unit
  • Available with or without electric heat

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