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Traulsen’s G-Series Commercial Reach-In Refrigerator

The biggest difference of what separates a good commercial reach-in refrigerator and a better one is how well it maintains proper temperatures when its doors are open.

Traulsen’s G-Series Reach-in Refrigerators come standard with a host of upgrades that help it maintain temperatures and keep food safe longer than other commercial units. Many of those upgrades you’d only expect to find on high-end Spec Line units or custom built reach-ins.

Traulsen uses thermal expansion valves in all of their G-Series units. Expansion valves better regulate the flow of refrigerant and are more efficient than capillary tubes, which are found in most commercial refrigeration units. Expansion valves respond to ambient environmental conditions better and improve temperature recovery time once the reach-in doors are closed.

The Traulsen G-Series also features larger evaporator and condenser coils with more surface area (in some instances, as much as four times the surface area of other commercial units). The larger surface area provides for more efficient operation and improved refrigeration recovery time.

In most commercial refrigeration units, the air-flow pattern is designed to circulate chilled air from top to bottom and back to front. When the door is opened, the air-flow pattern pushes cold air out the front of the unit. The G-Series is designed with an air-flow that circulates in a clock wise fashion, from top to bottom and side to side. Opening the door does not interrupt the air-flow pattern as severely and less cold air escapes from the unit.

With dirty or damaged door gaskets, a reach-in door may as well be partially open all the time. Traulsen’s G-Series comes standard with magnetic snap-in “EZ-Clean” door gaskets boasting a lifespan that is 5 to 10 times longer than traditional door gaskets. Additionally, the G-Series features a “Load-Sure” guard that ensures cold air can flow throughout the cabinet, even when the unit is improperly overloaded.

Finally, Traulsen’s Plug & Play Microprocessor & Control System has a lower fail rate than the typical electromechanical controls used in most commercial units.

All in all, the standard G-Series reach-in from Traulsen performs like a top-of-the-line unit, with a lower lifetime cost, and upgrades that keep food safer, longer, even when the door is being opened and closed every few minutes.

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