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Dormont Gray Gas Hoses

Long the standard for safety and convenience in many foodservice applications, Dormont’s Blue Gas Hoses are high quality and efficient.

However, Dormont has expanded these hoses for use in high BTU applications such as rooftop units and tankless water heaters with their Gray Gas hoses! The Ultra Flow Series 41, 51, and 61 Gray Gas Hoses are UV stabilized with hot dipped PVC coating. This will ensure its long use in weather, as well as indoor abuse. Rated for temperatures as low as -40°F and up to 150°F, these durable stainless steel gas connectors are ANSI/CSA approved.

100% leak tested and featuring an exclusive “No-Neck” design that increases flexibility in compact situations, there are more corrugations per inch to increase flexibility and extend service life. They eliminate the need for pipe nipples, 90’s, and elbows, and require no field threading, cutting or assembly of CSST fittings and tubing. The Ultra Flow Gray Gas Hoses come in a variety of standard diameters and lengths for different applications.

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