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The New Touch Screen Controller from Pitco

Pitco has recently released a new touch screen controller for use on their Reduced Oil Fryer (ROV), that is full of innovative features that makes its operation that much more simple and easy.

From frying chicken to frying doughnuts, the touch screen makes adjusting oil temperature and cook time simple to get perfect results every time. Results are consistent from one user to the next, and from one shift to the next. The touch screen will also alert users when an oil change or filtration cycle is due.

This touch screen controller also monitors total hours of operation, number of cook cycles, number of filter cycles, and much more! This type of information is extremely useful to reduce food waste and oil loss. And with a USB connection, data can easy be transferred onto the unit.

All of these features provide benefits that help the operator know how to provide consistent, tasty results everytime!

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