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Gessner Blazun Premium Unbreakable Drinkware

Blazun-DrinkwareWhether it’s a server or a guest that mishandles glassware, any glassware dropped is money out of the pockets of restaurant owners. Accidents happen, but that can be prevented using Gessner’s new Blazun Premium Unbreakable Drinkware. It has the look and feel of traditional glassware, but when those accidents happen, the only spill you will have to cleanup is the drink!

The Blazun Premium Unbreakable Drinkware line includes anything from beer, wine, and shot glasses, to those specialty cocktail glasses! These products are dishwasher safe, and are available in nine different color options. Virtually unbreakable, affordable, scratch-resistant, durable and safe, the Blazun line is made from high-quality food grade polycarbonate, making it feel and look like the real thing! And it’s guaranteed against cracks and stress fractures!


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