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Save Money Using Cambro Food Pan Seal Covers

SealCover-PanSaving your bottom line is important in any business, let alone your restaurant business. That is why Cambro has worked hard to protect your food, putting much thought into how they can improve the storage of food, and reduce the impact of food waste.

To emphasize the importance of using high quality materials to protect your food, the National Restaurant Association has gathered statistics that show food costs comprise 28-35% of the typical, profitable restaurant’s costs. If you were to sustain even a 5% loss due to food waste, this would significantly impact your bottom line.

Cambro’s Food Pan Seal Covers perfectly fit a commercial grade storage container with a full seal flange and a full contact seal all around the pan. These covers seal out air and moisture, and also protect the food against cross-contamination. By using Cambro’s Seal Covers on your food pans, you can extend the shelf life of produce 2-3 days longer than by using plastic wraps, foils or no cover at all!


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