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X-Clean Warewashing System from Duke Manufacturing

The undesirable task of warewashing is labor intensive, energy inefficient, and can require a lot of valuable kitchen space. The X-Clean Wash System streamlines the process from scouring a pot or pan, washing cookware and dishware, and sanitizing the wares—with less time, labor, space and cost!

The X-Clean combines three kitchen necessities into one compact foot print.

Power Wash Sink

  • Utilizes the patented X-Stream Wash technologyUntitled-1
  • Soaks cookware, while using heat and water pressure to remove baked-on messes
  • Cleans pots and pans quickly and efficiently, without the labor

Multi-Task Dish Machine

  • 72 second standard cycle time
  • Uses only 1.25 gallons of water per load

Three Sink Compartment

  • Satisfies health code requirements
  • Easily converts to an extra work table through the lid/cover option



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