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Manitowoc Ice NEO is Very User-Friendly user-friendly NEO is the latest in undercounter ice machine technology from Manitowoc Ice. The NEO’s simple and efficient control panel is what helps make it extremely easy to use. The easy-to-read display features just three buttons. Beyond the standard power button, the NEO has one button to control on what setting the machine will run. Whether it’s the 4, 12, or 24-hr setting, they’re all determined by one button. And the third button is to operate the machine in self-cleaning mode.

Below the buttons on the control panel is the Full-Bin notification icon. This lights up when the bin is full. And the final icon on the control panel indicates when maintenance is required on the NEO. The NEO comes in four different sizes, the smallest holds 140 lbs. of ice and the largest has a 300 lb. capacity.

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