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The InSinkErator C1300 Gets Water Hot Fast!

Hot WaterTired of watching water boil? With the InSinkErator C1300, you won’t have to anymore! This amazingly convenient system features a stylish gooseneck faucet that delivers 100 cups of near-boiling 200°F water per hour. I saw it being used in a coffee shop, but it could really speed up serving times in restaurants, school cafeterias, and convenience stores too. It’s a great idea for extended stay hotels, breakfast programs, and independent living facilities.

A compact, 2/3 gallon, stainless steel heating tank mounts below the sink. With easy installation, it requires no expensive pipe work. It connects to the existing cold water source and a 115-volt outlet. The faucet is designed to fit in a standard sink opening or a 1-1/4 inch drilled hole. It has an easy-to-adjust temperature control and a self-closing hot water valve.

In a commercial kitchen it would be ideal for preparing sauces and mixes, rethermalizing packaged products, reconstituting dried foods, and mixing hot cereals and beverages. It could be used to rinse utensils and warm ice-cream scoops. There are probably more uses for on-demand hot water with an InSinkErator C1300 than one can count. Stop watching water boil with the InSinkErator C1300!

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