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Metro SmartWall


SmartWall is a storage and workstation system for underutilized or empty walls. More than just shelving, it features innovative and easy-to-install wall mounting options, epoxy coated steel construction, and dozens of accessories designed to conveniently hold, hang, or support just about anything you need to store in your kitchen. It is available for light duty applications (e.g. plastic containers, condiments, and utensils) or medium duty applications (e.g. pots, pans, and sheet trays), and the units can support up to 250 lbs. or 400 lbs., respectively.

What makes SmartWall different from other wall shelving units? Erin Eddy, Regional Sales Manger for Metro’s Foodservice Division, said, “It can be completely customized to fit the space you have. You can buy components a la carte, in a range of sizes, to suit your needs. The upright brackets and wire grids allow you to expand or modify the system at will, adding shelves or accessories anytime. Most wall shelving comes in standard lengths in a box with a couple of brackets. That’s it. SmartWall is much more versatile.” The ability to customize and expand SmartWall is what really sets it apart.

If you don’t need a customized solution, SmartWall is conveniently available in application-specific kits like the Sink Station kit and Food Prep Station Kit. Starter kits and accessory kits are also available.

SmartWall puts items within reach of employees at their respective workstations. In washing areas, it facilitates drying and promotes cleanliness and sanitation. Accessories include tray drying racks, lid drying shelves, flatware holders, bottle holders, can racks, spice racks, hanging bins, glove box holders, a variety of hooks for hanging utensils, and more.

Look at your kitchen walls. Consider how to install SmartWall for intelligent storage. Metro can help you find a dealer, and with a few measurements and a photo or two, the dealer can help you select a kit or design your own storage solution. Visit Metro’s website here for more information.

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