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Maximize Kitchen Space with TruVection from Southbend

Dining rooms are continuing to get bigger, which in turn mean kitchens are getting smaller. To maximize kitchen space with TruVection from Southbend. This low-profile convection oven series provides end users the flexibility of applying a true convection oven into a variety of configurations.

The TruVection features many of the same characteristics as Southbend’s full-size convection ovens but in a low-profile footprint. Common features include the in-shop burner system and door system. The TruVection produces 52,000 BTUs and it boasts a similar recovery time to the full-size, 75,000 BTU convection oven. Other possibilities for configuring the TruVection include stacking two or three units, or pairing them with a variety of cook tops from Southbend’s Platinum Line. Maximize kitchen space with TruVection from Southbend. To learn more about it visit

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