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Frymaster’s ESG35T Value Gas Fryer

John Stallsmith the Field Marketing Manager at Frymaster offers us three important facts to remember about Frymaster’s new ESG35T Value Gas Fryer. These three facts just begin to scratch the surface on this efficient, cost-effective fryer. Below are 7 more facts about Frymaster’s ESG35T Value Gas Fryer.

1. The ESG35T features 6″ heating tubes with proprietary baffles that have painted interiors. These promote super heat transfer through the unit.

2. Heat loss in the ESG35T is reduced by 27% due to the previously mentioned 6″ heating tubes.

3. Even more energy saving is promoted by using the ESG35T because of its insulated fry pots. These fry pots allow an idle rate of 6,143 Btu/hr.

4. At a 35-lb. oil capacity, the ESG35T has the same cooking capacity as a 45-lb. fryer. This saves 10 lbs. of oil each time the fry pot needs to be filled.

5. Oil is kept fresher longer due to the ESG35T’s wide cold zone. The wide cold zone keeps crumbs and sediment away from the cooking area.

6. The bottom of the fry pot is sloped to the front of the ESG35T so oil, sediment, and crumbs can be easily flushed out of the pot.

7. The ESG35T’s durable temperature probe assures prompt recovery.

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