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Updates to ServSafe


Here’s a look at some of the newest ServSafe updates.

Selecting and Installing Foodservice Equipment
In the latest edition of ServSafe, the focus on selecting equipment that comes into contact with food in commercial kitchens has shifted to National Sanitation Foundation standards. NSF standards dictate that equipment features surfaces that are nonabsorbent, smooth, corrosion resistant, easy to clean, durable and resistant to damage.

Once equipment has been selected, it’s important to install it properly. Floor-mounted equipment should be on legs at least 6 inches high. Tabletop equipment should be on legs at least 4 inches high. These standards make the equipment easy to clean around.

Specific instructions for dishwashing machines. 

– Installation: must be installed in easily reachable, convenient location.
– Suppliers: only use detergents and sanitizers approved by local regulatory authority.
– Settings: dishwashers must be able to measure water temperature, water pressure, and cleaning and sanitizing chemical concentration.

Cleaning and Sanitizing Stationary Equipment
First things first, stationary equipment in commercial foodservice operations should be cleaned and sanitized everyday without compromise. Typically suppliers will provide specific cleaning instructions for each piece of equipment. When in doubt, the following steps should be followed.

– Unplug equipment.
– Take removable parts off equipment. Wash, rinse and sanitize them by hand.
– Scrape or remove food from equipment surface.
– Wash the equipment surfaces.
– Rinse the equipment surfaces with clean water.
– Sanitize the equipment surfaces.
– Allow all surfaces to air-dry. Reassemble equipment.

Handling Ready-to-Eat Food
For the first time, the latest edition of ServSafe states that kitchen workers should NEVER handle ready-to-eat food with their bare hands. The accepted means of handling ready-to-eat food include:

– wearing single-use gloves
– spatulas
– tongs
– deli sheets
– other utensils

These are just a few of the updates in the ServSafe® Manager 6th edition book. For more visit

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