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Channel Manufacturing Cutting Board Drying Rack

Channel Manufacturing’s new cutting board drying and storage rack system is built on the same basic heavy duty aluminum frame as a pan rack. The vertical rods give you a place to insert cutting boards where they will get plenty of air flow for proper drying. They are also separated from each other so there is less risk of cross contamination, and the correct cutting board can easily be selected and removed without toppling a whole pile. The unit is on casters so it’s simple to transport to whatever area of the kitchen you like.cutting board rack

This is a practical solution to a problem that many operators may not have even thought about. In the past cutting boards were white and used for all applications. Recently it has become popular to use specific color-coding, the number of boards per kitchen has multiplied significantly. Some countertop units allow you to separate and store smaller cutting boards in a rack that resembles what you’d use to separate file folders on your desk, but larger boards used for serious prep work really need a storage solution that is safe, convenient and portable.

The next time you’re in a professional kitchen, look around for the stack of cutting boards. They’re probably in the prep area, or in the dishwashing area. Once you’ve found them, think about the Channel Manufacturing Cutting Board Drying Rack and say: “don’t stack ‘em up, rack ‘em up.”

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