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Traulsen Makes it EZ


When was the last time you heard a manufacturer brag about being easy. That’s exactly what Traulsen has done with a number of fresh ideas for their R and A Series of refrigerators and freezers.

Traulsen’s first easy option is the EZ-Clean Gasket made from Santoprene and designed without creases and folds that trap dirt and mold. It allows for tool-free cleaning with just a washcloth and sanitizer. It can also be removed and replaced several times without compromising the gasket.

Ever try to open a refrigerator door or heated cabinet while holding a full pan of food with both hands? With Traulsen’s EZ-Open Foot Pedal, you can do just that without a struggle. It helps prevent spillage and cross contamination.

The EZ-Change Interior option makes reconfiguring and cleaning fast and easy without tools. All EZ-Change pilasters are rugged and dishwasher safe. They can be easily moved around and adjusted to create more space between shelves when you need it.

How would you like an easy way to extend the life of your refrigerator’s compressor? No, you don’t need to clean the condenser coils every week. Traulsen’s Bare-Tube Coil has no fins, so dust and dirt have virtually no surface areas on which to cling. Regular cleaning is unnecessary and the life of the compressor is markedly extended.

Take a look at the full line of Traulsen products at or read more about their fresh ideas for cold and hot units by clicking here.


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