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Dexter-Russell Seafood Knives

October is National Seafood Month. So we thought we’d talk a little bit about the utensils required to prepare seafood correctly.

Dexter-Russell has a wide range of knives specifically meant to help prepare seafood.  Here are the knives best suited for seared scallops, oysters Rockefeller, baked salmon and a few other delicacies from the sea. scallop knife

Dexter’s 2-inch Scallop Knife, a member of the Sani-Safe® line, features a DEXSTEELTM stain-free, high-carbon steel blade. The size and shape of this knife are perfect for opening a scallop shell and carving out the delectable meat inside.

When it comes to shucking oysters, Dexter offers several combinations of blades and handles for an oyster knife to fit each different type of oyster. Dexter’s steel blades range from 2 ¾ – 4 inches in length and feature a pointed tip for scraping the oyster meat from its shell. The blades are paired with handles that are either teardrop shaped or more elongated. The different combinations are designed for different types of oysters from different regions throughout the country, including New Haven, Galveston, Providence and Boston. In addition to the different shaped handles, they come in classic wood and polypropylene, the signature of the Sani-Safe® line.3 knives

For those operators that receive their fish fresh and whole, Dexter’s Fisherman’s Flex 6-inch fillet knife is perfect for filleting. The blade on this knife is extremely flexible making it easy for operators to separate the meat from the skin on any fish filet. This knife also features Dexter’s patented V-Lo, state-of-the-art handle that offers both comfort and knife

Once the fish has been filleted, Dexter’s Sani-Safe line includes a 6-inch boning knife for the final steps of fish prep. The knife features a slip-resistant, easy-to-clean handle with a seamless blade-to-handle seal that makes the knives extremely easy to keep clean. The blades are also made from DEXSTEELTM.

These are just a few of the pieces of cutlery available from Dexter specific to seafood. For more from Dexter, click here.

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