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How It’s Made: Dexter Russell Cutlery

Dexter Russell is one of the largest manufacturers of professional cutlery in the United States.  They use quality materials designed, built and tested to be people friendly and kitchen tough.  Their knives are sharp right out of the box.  Have you ever wondered how they do it? Watch this video and you won’t have anymore questions.

In the video they do a great job of illustrating the precision of their craftsmanship.  It’s probably because they’ve been making professional cutlery for almost 200 years.

They’re known for their process of making a professional-quality knife from a steel blank; forging it, heat treating it and then grinding it to a razor sharp edge. It’s important to know how a knife is made and the ways to properly maintain it. That is why techniques for keeping the blade sharp are also covered in the video.

Knowing how a product is manufactured and how to care for it is often as important as knowing how to use it.

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