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Food Warming, Heating, and Holding Equipment

Once your food is prepared, you’ll need something to keep it warm until it gets to your guest. If you are a restaurant or food service establishment based in San Diego County or Southern California and require equipment or supplies for warming food, heating food, or holding the temperature of food, come to Economy Restaurant Equipment & Supply Company. We can meet your needs with a variety of heat lamps, heating units, and warming systems.

Below is an overview of the food warming, food heating, and food holding equipment we offer.

  • Buffet Units/Serving Lines
  • Countertop Warmers
  • Custom Fab Equipment
  • Display Cabinets
  • Drawer Warmers
  • Drop-In Cold and/or Hot Pans
  • Heated Bases
  • Heater/Proofer/Holding Cabinets
  • Heat Lamps & Light Bulbs
  • Hot Food Tables

Contact Us About Our Food Warming and Holding Equipment

If you’re based in San Diego County or Southern California and would like to learn more about the food warming and holding equipment we offer, contact Economy Restaurant Equipment & Supply Company today.