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The Garland G Series of Restaurant Ranges

Available in 24-60” widths, the Garland G Series of Restaurant Ranges is inspired by the culinary craftsmanship of master chefs, and is the expert’s choice for durability, performance, and ease of maintenance.

The Garland G Series Restaurant Range was inspired by chefs to help empower unlimited culinary creativity through unmatched durability and performance. For more than a century, Garland has listened to the needs of chefs and designed a range so intuitive and adaptive, it helps take food further!

Take a look at the many features the Garland G Series of Restaurant Ranges has:

  • Balanced Burners: Garland’s exclusive 33,000-BTU cast-iron Starfire-Pro burner combines speed with precise, even heat to improve efficiency and control.
  • Best-in-Class Durability: Superior structural rigidity and unmatched thermal management will reduce downtime over the long life of this state-of-the-art range. The new chassis design is built on over 120 years of global foodservice experience.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Engineered by experts, the protected individual burner pilots eliminate spillover outages, while split ergonomic grates and two-piece burners make cleaning easy and safe.
  • Expanded Cooktop: Expand your cooking options on Garland’s newly designed cooking surface with individual cast-iron grates and 27 inches of cooking surface depth.
  • Flexible Oven: Garland’s larger oven is deep enough to load full-size sheet pans in either direction. The 38,000-BTU cast-iron burner delivers best-in-class evenness and recovery time, making easy work of all your baking, roasting and finishing.
  • Optional Feature – Griddle: A 5/8-inch-thick griddle plate is available with hi-valve control or super accurate thermostat controls one per 12 inches of griddle width). High splash and a 4¼-inch-wide trough aid grease control.
  • Optional Feature – Hot Top Sections: Excellent method to distribute heat evenly across pot surfaces for simmering. Powered by a 20,000-BTU cast-iron burner and available in 12-inch-wide sections (each in place of one front/rear pair of open-top burners).
  • Optional Feature – Range-Mount Salamander: Essential to every kitchen for finishing or cooking, the Garland salamander is equipped with two 20,000-BTU infrared burners to get the job done. The salamander is mounted on the back guard, maximizing the work area by creating a combination work center.
  • Unmatched Griddle Accuracy: Quickly and accurately adjust to any cooking need with a completely redesigned thermostatic griddle that delivers a wide range of temperature settings.

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