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Keep Your Restaurant Comfortable with Berner’s Air Curtains

Berner Air Curtains help maintain a stable, comfortable and quality restaurant environment that keeps outside temperatures, odors and flying insects out – while reducing energy costs and improving food safety! They are the perfect solution to place in service entries, walk-in coolers, customer entrance or patio, indoor/outdoor bar, or a concession window!

So why should you consider a Berner Air Curtains? Here are a few key benefits of owning Berner Air Curtains in your restaurant:

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction and Retention. On both hot and cold days, air curtains keep customers seated close to the door, or waiting for a table, happy with a comfortable, smoke-free environment.
  • Reduce Energy Costs. A Berner Air Curtain helps protect inside temperatures in the dining room, bar, or walk-in cooler. This allows the HVAC systems to run less, cooler compressors to run less, and the staff to have less to worry about. Check out Berner’s own energy savings calculator to find out what your ROI would be using Berner’s Air Curtains.
  • Reduce Employee Turnover and Complaints. Comfortable employees are happy employees, and happy employees stay. Air curtains keep entry and drive-thru window areas comfortable and fume-free.
  • Maintain High Sanitation Standards. Health Departments recommend the chemical-free insect control provided by an EPH Listed NSF 37 Certified Berner Fly Fans to maintain a healthier kitchen environment.

Do you have a drive-thru service window? Berner has that covered too with the DTU03 specifically designed for drive-thru.

See the video below for more information on Berner’s drive-thru curtains.

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