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Blodgett Hydrovection Ovens


Available in either gas (HV-100G) or electric (HV-100E), Blodgett’s Hydrovection Ovens help operators save time, and increase the yield that is produced. With a fully gasketed door to keep heat where it is needed, you can be sure that your Hydrovection Oven won’t lose heat.

To keep consistency, the oven is equipped with a 4-speed, auto reversing fan to achieve the best results. And releasing steam built up inside the oven is easy with a push of a switch!


  • Available in gas or electric
  • Fully gasketed door keeps steam and heat where you need it, inside the oven not in your kitchen
  • Removable core temperature probe for safe, accurate placement into the product and simple cleanup after
  • Four speed, auto-reversing fan for a consistent, even bake
  • Cavity vent control to release steam at the push of a switch
  • Retractable hand shower for easy cleaning

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