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Blodgett’s Electric Tilting Steam Kettles


Blodgett’s Electric Tilting Steam Kettles are not only efficient, but powerful and full of great features to make cooking easier for any chef. They transfer heat 1-2 times more than the same size stock pot, allowing for faster cook times. This saves you money from labor and energy waste.

These tilting steam kettles also heat the product, not your kitchen! On top of that, these kettles are simple to clean. No longer waste valuable time cleaning a steam kettle that can sometimes take forever! The polished surface is smoother and cleans easier than other competing kettles.

But the best part about these steam kettles is that a single chef can prepare large batches of food without constantly stirring and “pot watching” by using the tilt mechanism. Saving time and using chef’s efficiently in a kitchen is a must!


  • 2/3 jacketed with hemispheric design for optimum heat distribution
  • Up to 50 PSI for quick recovery, greater menu flexibility and increased production
  • Safe, smooth easy tilt mechanism
  • One year parts and labor warranty

Find the KLT-E series of Blodgett’s Electric Tilting Steam Kettles here! Available in 20, 40 and 60 gallon options.

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