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The Versatile Chef Station from Vulcan

Versatile Chef Station

Vulcan’s award-winning Versatile Chef Station (VCS) allows foodservice operators not only a durable cooking solution, but precise cooking in a variety of applications. The VCS is your griddle, stock pot, saucepan and more all rolled into one. It has the ability to sear, braise, simmer, steam boil, shallow fry, saute, and retherm all using just 18” footprint for a single well, or 36” for a double well.

Whether you choose griddle, boil or fry, the VCS automatically sets the typical temperature for the mode chosen.  If your preference is to adjust settings manually, that works as well. A precise digital display eliminates the guesswork! Six integrated elements with built-in temperature monitors provide accurate, uniform heat, within 2°F corner to corner. An integrated probe in the cooking well senses liquid temperature, providing additional accuracy assurance. A patented, tri-metallic cooking surface with an aluminum core is sandwiched between stainless steel to provide faster, more even heat transfer than all-steel surfaces for superior heat uniformity and rapid recovery.

Vulcan’s Versatile Chef Station has been turning heads since it was launched. It has received the 2018 StarChefs International Chefs Congress Innovator Award for Heavy Equipment, the Editor’s Choice Award in the New Equipment Category at the Hotel Experience Show and most recently the Kitchen Innovations 2019 Award presented by the National Restaurant Association, Hotel-Motel Show.

See the video below to view its many features, and how you could utilize its many functions in your kitchen!

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