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Elkay’s ER191 Ice Pre-Chiller

Many times, having a low ice count or a slow harvest cycle can simply be the warmth of the tap water entering your ice machine, not the ice machine itself. Tap water temperature varies throughout the year, thus creating a problem when it comes to creating ice consistently.

That is why the good folks at Elkay Foodservice Products have manufactured the ER191 Pre-Chiller, the perfect solution to this problem. Water that is being used for ice production passes through the ER191, cooling the temperature, and held in a storage tank. The ice machine then draws water from this pre-chilled tap water creating ice more consistently and at peak efficiency.

The ER191 produces 19 gallons of chilled water per hour. Because it has a four gallon storage tank, it can easily keep up with the demands of large batch-process ice machines. Using this machine will give you more ice daily, and shorten harvest cycles, putting less strain on the ice machine itself. Under typical test conditions, Elkay has seen up to a 20% increase in ice production for a 48“ ice machine.

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