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Duke Manufacturing Foodshields

With Duke Foodshields, you can expect to still show off your food product without it getting in the way. Built with tempered durable glass, sturdy steel frame, and minimalist details, Duke Foodshields are a clear choice for your restaurant!

Choose from 4 different varieties offered by Duke Manufacturing:

  • BG Series. The signature line from Duke, the BG Series is designed for high-impact, and are made-to-order. Features a stainless steel finish, field-mounted, and they are polished to remove all seams. (pictured)
  • 400 Series. Save money without the cost of custom work by going with the 400 Series. With a sleek, high-end appeal, and cutting edge design, the 400 Series uses less frame and more glass. Durable construction will ensure a lasting investment.
  • 500 Series. Offering a stylish, sleek and high-end appeal, this mid-grade tier also uses less frame with more glass. Designed with leading design needs in form and function.
  • 8/900 Series. When a project calls for critical functions and value, choose the 8/900 Series. Built to last with all the functionality you would expect from a quality Duke product.

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