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The Garland High Efficiency Broiler

The innovators over at Garland have designed a broiler that is packed with features, helping the operator achieve peak efficiency and making it easier to use!

To achieve these goals, the Garland High Efficiency Broiler has been implemented with a quick-switch start-up that eliminates the need for a pilot light. Heat is better controlled, and transferred more efficiently providing consistent, uniform results with no hot spots!

With any Garland product, you can expect your investment to last! Built with cast iron burners, and constructed with solid stainless steel, it will withstand the rigors of a busy kitchen. Time is saved by easy clean-up with removable modular grates, side shields, and drip trays. Garland even includes cleaning tools with each broiler so that you can quickly clean up any mess.

This broiler has it all! Consistent results, dependability, and efficiency. Having these 3 elements in a broiler will help you save energy long-term, and provide consistent results in your food every time!

Check out the video below to have a look at all the features a Garland High Efficiency Broiler provides:

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