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Doyon Roll-In Proofers

When you hear the name Doyon, you think quality. And for more than 35 years, Doyon has been synonymous with quality! So when it comes to proofers, Doyon has been manufacturing high quality roll-in proofers, that provide uniformity throughout using a unique even flow system mixing heat and humidity.

The Doyon Roll-In Proofer comes in three widths to better fit your production level: single, double and triple. Many depths are also available to match your production requirements. Take a look at the many features these proofers provide:

  • Powerful and efficient even airflow heating system maintains the right combination of heat and humidity
  • Holds from 90° F to 110° F (32°C to 43°C) with relative humidity up to 95%
  • Electronic heat and relative humidity control, with countdown timer
  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction, all riveted and welded
  • Brightly lit
  • Power assembly on top
  • Automatic water entry
  • No drain required
  • Capacity of 1 single rack and 10 shelves (E236), 2 single racks (E236R), 4 single racks or 2 double racks (E236TLO)
  • Comes in one piece only
  • One year parts and labor limited warranty

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