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Pitco’s Electric Solstice Series Fryers

Pitco has built their electric Solstice Series Fryers efficiently, and improved their filtering process to eliminate steps needed to clean and service easier and quicker. And because all the Pitco Electric Solstice Series Fryers are built with the same depth, it makes it easier to build a standard battery to meet your kitchen needs!


  • Serviceability – The Solstice fryer has been designed to reduce the number of parts and is serviceable from the front.
  • Safe Fixed Element – The heating elements are fixed in-place to eliminate oil migration. This new design also creates a safer working environment by keeping the hot elements in the tank where they belong.
  • Sculptured Tank Sides – proves additional strength to the tank.
  • Stainless steel cabinet – New channel reinforced stainless steel cabinet (now stainless sides and front are standard) is designed for long life and appearance.
  • 17kW or 22kW – Heating elements 17kW standard, can be upgraded to 22kW for added horse power.
  • Mercury free relays – Reliable, cost effective and safe for the environment.
  • Standard with Solid State Controls – All Solstice electric fryers, single or in a battery, are standard with the Pitco Solid State controller.
  • Common Cabinet Common front-to-back dimensions make Solstice fryers easy to order, mix and match in all configurations.
  • 1-1/4″ full port drain valve – quick, clog free draining
  • The Solstice product line has four basic models that can be combined with great options and accessories to improve operating efficiency in your kitchen.
  • Solstice electric can be used as single fryers, or combined in a battery with a Solstice Filter Drawer.

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