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Panasonic’s KY-MK3500 Induction Technology

In the past, the only drawback to induction heating was that it only worked with certain types of pots and pans (magnetic metal like steel and/or iron).

Panasonic has changed the way induction technology can be utilized! The KY-MK3500 with Met-all technology is a Panasonic exclusive technology that allows any metal pan to be used, and can’t be found elsewhere. The precise cooking that so many chefs about induction cooking is found in the exclusive Optical IR Thermistor Sensor that reads the temperature of the cooking vessel through the glass surface of the burner.

If you have been wanting to use induction heating, but without the costly expense of induction pans, look no further than the KY-MK3500.


  • Japanese engineered induction heated cooktop for fast, responsive heating and cooking for restaurants, catering, buffets and other commercial settings
  • Panasonic’s Met-All technology cooks to perfection with all metal pots, pans and other vessel types, including aluminum and copper
  • Efficient 1200 copper-wire coil detects different pan types and generates energy up to 120 kHz to heat only the cooktop area in contact with the base of the pan
  • Optical IR sensor monitors heat through the cooktop surface for precise temperature control, a Luminous Circle in the cooktop glass glows when heated
  • Induction cooktop includes 3500 Watts maximum power, 20 power levels, timer, memory, 22 temperature adjustment levels and LED displays

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