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The Silver Soak from Unified Brands

Inefficient washers leave dirty silverware that have to be run through multiple times just to get the pieces clean. Unified Brands has solved this inefficiency by introducing the Silver Soak system. The result is sparkling silverware in one pass thanks to Silver Soak’s pre-washing power!

In just five short minutes, Silver Soak’s unique combination of heat, chemicals and agitation releases soils and prepares silverware for a single pass through the commercial dishwasher. And with a small footprint in valuable kitchen space, kitchen staff can drop silverware in, and walk away.


  • Saves water, electricity, chemicals and labor with single-pass washing, preventing wasteful repeat cycles
  • Utilizes just one fill of water and one chemical application per meal period, saving hundreds of gallons of water and chemicals
  • Self-heats water through friction as it moves through the system — without a heating element
  • Ensures the highest levels of sanitation and cleanliness
  • 4 model options available: mobile (roll under counter), stationary (fixed locations), drop-in (existing tabling) and weld-in (new construction)
  • 2 removable stainless steel wash tank baskets included
  • 11 gallon wash tank capacity
  • 3 years of parts and labor warranty coverage (USA only)
  • 304 stainless steel construction with 14 gauge tank, legs and rim

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