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The Rolling Tortilla Warmer from Star

When your customers are hungry, they want their food fast. Don’t keep them waiting longer than needed using Star’s Rolling Tortilla Warmer!

The patent pending RTW rolling tortilla warmers (Model RTW14E shown) are designed to heat tortillas, pitas, and other flatbread products up to 3/8-inch (10 mm) thick evenly, efficiently, and in a matter of seconds! The compact design is ideal for any location and can be wall-mounted for further convenience.

  • Heats products to a target temperature of 160° F (71° C) in a matter of seconds
  • RTW14E models can heat up to 900 6-inch (152 mm) tortillas per hour and RTW20E models can heat up to 1,350 6-inch (152 mm) tortillas per hour.
  • Electronic control allows easy and precise adjustment of the thermostat up to 480° F (249° C) and quick changes to drum speed
  • Efficient radiant heating uses substantially less energy and cuts down on excess heat outside of the unit for a cooler working environment
  • Top cover swings open and upper and lower tray remove for easy cleaning
  • Staltek™ drum coating is easy to clean and exceptionally durable.

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